Monday, December 20, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

I love finding fun onesies for Maggie to wear. I recently ordered and received this one, which is maybe my favorite one yet:

My sister and I have long been fans of the movie Dirty Dancing (where the quote is from). We even had a cat named Johnny Castle! Anyways, my sister repeatedly watches the movie and recently discovered that Baby's mom in the movie was named "Marge". When we first announced that Maggie was born, that her name would be Margaret and we would call her Maggie, her aunt and uncles called her "Marge" for a while, much to our chagrin. It sort of became this joke. So I contacted the creator of the onesie on Etsy and asked if she would screenprint one of the lines with Marge in it on the back. The owner graciously agreed and thus:

(This line is what Baby's dad tells her mom on the golf course.)
I sent the picture to them as an early Christmas present.

Thanks to the Truly Sanctuary shop for the fun shirt!


BCK said...

oh good lord. the back is too funny!!! i, too, and a DD devotee! I may need to watch it tonight now!

Old MD Girl said...

Dear Amy,

You have the cutest baby I have EVER SEEN!!!

heather said...

Oh my goodness! I love it!!! (and the baby is darn cute too!)