Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mags @ 3 months - What's Going On

So Maggie is 3 months old. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that she was born but most of the time it seems like ages ago. When she was born, I told myself I was going to pack up my Type-A, neurotic tendencies and use maternity leave to chill out and go with the flow. That is what I did for 2 months and 30 days. Maggie slept when she was tired (so I thought), ate when she was hungry and played when she wanted to play. And for about a month now, I was having the hardest time during the day with her napping. It was like we had two babies. Baby 1 went down at night between 7 and 7:30 like an angel and slept until 7:30 the next morning. Baby 2 would scream, wail and fight when she got tired during the day. Then I would bounce, rock, walk, soothe, "SHHHHH", play the vacuum CD, etc until she fell asleep for 15 minutes and then woke up.

It was exhausting. Everything I was coming across with googling was mostly about getting them to sleep through the night. We do not (thankfully) have that problem. Most things about baby sleep said to try to watch for early sleep signs. By the time they are fussy, they are on their way to being overtired. And for Maggie, the line between tired and overtired is extremely thin! I thought I was catching her on her early sleep signs so this was no help to me.

Yesterday, I decided to bring back some neurosis and try to document my day with Maggie and WATCH HER LIKE A HAWK to pick up on early sleep signs (which i found a list of to watch fors via google). I got out the pen, the paper and wrote down when she peed, when she pooped, when she ate, when she woke up and when she slept. For the first time since she arrived, I watched the clock.


It turns out that I was letting Maggie go way too long between naps and I was definitely not catching her at the right time to nap. The girl is on 2 hour cycles, almost exactly. I remember someone in my office telling me, "She's a virgo, she will schedule herself." I'm not into astrology but it does seem to fit the bill with her.

Previously I would think if she was still smiling and playing that she must not be tired. As Dwight Shrute would say, "FALSE!". She will sort of glaze over/gaze off and then I whisk her upstairs, draw the shades, grab the fuzzy blanket and sit in the rocker and read books. We read as many books as it takes for her to not pay attention, then I put her in her crib and she makes some noise as she falls asleep. Sometimes it takes 4 books (probably took her up a bit too early) and sometimes it takes one page of one book (ok, on the late side). Knowing to anticipate her tired window a bit more has helped IMMENSELY. There will still be slipups, like today when I changed her diaper and was encouraged by her giggling, smiling and then BAM! Overtired. It took me 35 minutes to calm her down and get her to sleep, which lasted 20 mins versus when she falls asleep on her own when she will sleep 45 mins to an hour.

I feel like doing this has helped me figure out when her tired window STARTS. I think of for the last month, I was sometimes catching her at this but most often catching her on the other side of the tired fence.

In other milestones, Maggie still hates Tummy Time, but it takes her longer and longer to start to fuss while doing it. We came up with all of these fun names (e.g. T-squared and estomago tiempo (said in a gameshow announcer's voice a la slumdog millionaire)) but it didn't matter - the girl hates being on her stomach. So instead of one long tummy time session, she gets a bunch of Tsquared during the day. If she can be up on (on her diaper changing table or the couch) rather than the floor she seems to like that better. Because of this, she will probably never roll over, ha ha ha.

She DOES like to sit up and even stand up with you holding her though. Yesterday I brought out the Bumbo chair again and she got STUCK in it! I guess she's too big for that now. I don't think she liked it much anyways - she much prefers to sit up on the couch like a big person. She is almost bottom-ing out the bouncy seat too.

Nate brought home this snoopy christmas thing that plays music that she LOVES. She seems to be more interested in toys, rattles, etc but by far she still just loves if you make googly faces at her, clap her hands, play peek a boo or imitate her sounds.

We may just have to keep our Christmas tree up year 'round too for her to look at :)


Bridge Ladies said...

So happy you found a something that works for you! Glad it wasn't the dryer...

hollyburch said...

I never thought Alex had any sleepy cues. He went immediately to overtired. I relied solely on the clock and still do. He slept every two hours until he was 12 months. Then we did 1 hour before morning nap, 3 hours till afternoon nap, and 4 hours till bedtime. We still follow that now except for 2 hours before morning nap.

I'm glad things are going better!

Old MD Girl said...

How much longer until you go back to work? Are you guys planning on doing daycare?

BCK said...

so glad that her napping is improving!

Emily said...

I love reading're like my own personal version of "What to Expect".