Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy HOL-idays!

On the eve of St. Nick, the holidays are in full swing at our house. Last Monday night, after several days of telling me we had to hold off on getting our Christmas tree, Nate came home from work and said, "We should go get our Christmas tree while it is still warm out." OK! So we got the baby bundled and jumped in the car and drove to the cutest Christmas tree farm Lowe's. We got to Lowe's every year for our Christmas tree. And every year we call ourselves lame. However, we are also cheap and refuse to pay $70+ for a Christmas tree. Lowe's has Frasier Firs for $35 in the 6-7' category. Usually we get around to getting our tree a week or two before Christmas when there is one or maybe two trees left. This year we did not know what to do with ourselves with all the selection we had. It started raining on our drive. Thankfully Maggie slept the whole time we got the tree and loaded it in the car - even though she ended up sharing part of the back seat with the tree and we had to ride home with the back of the car open. Thank goodness Lowe's is a short drive away!

We put the tree up right away and put lights on it a few days later. We put ornaments on it and decorated the rest of our house yesterday. Maggie LOVES the Christmas tree when it is lit. Our tree is very glisten-y because of all of our Old World Christmas ornaments from various members of Nate's family, mostly my MIL. I love these ornaments and we already have a good collection going! My mom got us stockings from Lands End for Christmas last year and ordered one from the same set for Maggie. It was supposed to be here already but hasn't arrived so we hung Maggie up instead:

Then today was our annual Christmas cookie bake with my mom, sister and niece. In the past, we have done this the day after Thanksgiving, however, that always left us with not quite enough candy/cookies by the time Christmas rolled around so we delayed it a week. It was another successful day of baking. Each year my niece has more and more of an attention span to do different tasks, even though the sprinkles are still her favorite part. My sister contributed lunch this year - amazing chili (with Penzey's Chili 9000 spice), bread and homemade lattice cherry pie. I contributed an almost 3-month old who knows how to make the peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies:

Even though he isn't officially part of the cookie bake (and usually isn't home during it), Nate was awesome to have around this year because he could take Maggie if she got tired and would make up games to play with Toni (I spy Christmas Ornaments) when she got bored with it.

Our list of goodies:
Peanut Butter Balls
Choc Covered Peanuts
Pecan Snowballs
Cut outs
Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter Blossoms
We opted not to make the rock candy this year.

Here is the annual photo - we do not have one with both Maggie and Toni looking at the camera - one of them was always looking at the other one!

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