Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cloth Diaper Converts!

This segment on cloth diapering was on the CBS Early Show. The host tried cloth diapers for 30 days and is a convert. I thought it was a good (although quick) overview of the different types of diapers.

We have been using cloth diapers since Maggie was 2 weeks old. We also were of the "we'll try it and see" frame of mind going into it. Now we are very into it, particularly after we went on my business trip and used disposable diapers there. And every single poopy disposable diaper leaked. Thank God I'm a chronic overpacker!

These are the types of diapers we have tried and our opinions on them. Notice my use of "we" and "our". The hubs definitely was involved in this decision and provided his opinion AND helps with laundry. :)

PROS: Cheap, can pretty much wash in whatever soap, don't care if you ruin one because they are easy/cheap to replace, we use with the Thirsties covers which are very generous in size and don't let any leakage through (and have cute patterns, colors)
CONS: STAINING! Every poopy diaper almost always stains, in our experience. Soaking in oxy clean has helped and so does line drying but these are extra steps. Right now since I am still on maternity leave, I don't mind these extra steps. However, after Jan 3, I might care. Another con is they take a bit more time to put on. We are old pros at the twist and Snappi but could be confusing to someone else. Some books I read said you don't need to fasten with a Snappi - you could just fold the diaper in thirds and put in the cover and save yourself some time. We did this initially and had problems with leaks, which are avoided with the use of the Snappi. Another con - bulkiness. Also, you do have to change sizes of these with your baby and change covers, although many covers do the one-size option that grows with your baby via a snapping system that allows you to make the same cover bigger or smaller.

Flip Diapers
PROS: Easy to use - just put an insert in the cover and voila. Dunzo. Flip covers are a nice fit and grow with your baby via snaps.
CONS: Like the "fold in thirds prefold" this only provides a strip of coverage and often leaks with poop, in our experience. We don't really use these anymore as intended but use the inserts as doublers in our Bum Genius and the covers over regular prefolds.

Bum Genius (BG) All-in One
PROS: Easy to use, very trim fit. No stuffing. Very easy to clean. Company provides a one-year warranty!
CONS: Expensive and takes long time to dry. You also have to buy different diapers as your baby grows. For example, the "small" only fits babies 8-14 lbs and then you would have to buy mediums.

Bum Genius (BG) One-Size
PROS: Easy to use - goes on exactly like a disposable diaper. The diapers grow with your baby via a snapping system so you can use them for babies 8-35 lbs. Very easy to clean - have never had problems with staining. Great diaper at night because they actually wick away moisture from your baby. Can stuff more inserts in these for at night as well. Company provides a one-year warranty! Easy to travel with.
CONS: Middle of the road expensive. One diaper is about $15, so definitely more than a prefold, but less than the All-in-one. You have to take the diapers apart to wash them and then re-stuff them before using. You also have to use special detergent on them or they break down.

Bebe Britches
PROS: Similar to a Bum Genius but with cuter fabric patterns. VERY SOFT on your baby's tush. Easy to clean. Claims to fit babies for a long time. Each diaper is handmade. Your purchase helps a stay at home mom's independent business!
CONS: Expensive (although they are individually handmade). Difficult to buy - Given that they are handmade and in high demand, the owner holds special stockings that you have to time JUST right to be able to buy them through her website. So you would not be able to stock up your entire diaper supply with these diapers, however they are a fun addition when you can purchase them. We own two and I would love to own more, so I just try my luck with the weekly stocking.

So after trying all of these different types of diapers, we generally stick to prefolds during the day and then the Bum Genius One-Size at night. When I do laundry, I pre-stuff two inserts into every Bum Genius and make a stack of them in Maggie's diaper drawer and those are her "night diapers". If we are away for an entire day, we will take one insert out of each BG One-Size and pack them in the diaper bag and use those throughout the day. I generally keep the 3 BG All-in Ones that I have for the ladies at the YMCA Kid Care. When Maggie starts going to a babysitter during the day, we will be sending the BG One-Sizes and if she ever has a babysitter here (which has rarely happened thus far) we leave the BG One-sizes as those are the easiest to use.

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