Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby's First Christmas: Part 2

Nate took off work on Christmas Eve which was helpful so we could finish up some last minute stuff before BFC Part 2 commenced at 4 PM. I had some crafting to finish up for the annual name exchange. Each year, we pick names at Thanksgiving for Nate's maternal side of the family. I was excited this year to pick his aunt Shari because I have never picked a female name and the males are really hard to buy for. We also pick a letter that the gift has to start with. This year was a "K".

You know what that means: Krafty Kristmas begins. I dug out my knitting needles and went to Loop yarn shop in Riverwest to get some really nice yarn to knit a project. I paged through the Designer One Skein Knits book that I had and tabbed pages that I was interested in and summoned my sister to help me pick out a project that she thought Shari would like and also one that I could reasonably get done in a month. We settled on the cross stitch scarf, which is "just" a scarf but with a fun pattern. The directions in the book are terrible. Thankfully due to google, I found someone's flickr comment that explained them in better terms and on my 8th try of starting, I got the hang of it. Voila: a Knit scarf

The pattern is available for free via Google Books. I picked out the yarn and did not realize that it is the type of yarn with varying degrees of thickness so it made it sort of difficult, but I finished about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I actually found that knitting is a good craft to do with a baby because you can make progress little by little. I used Araucania brand yarn - the Atacama Nature Alpaca variety.

While I finished part 1 of my name exchange gift early, part two was finished Christmas Eve. I made my second Cosmo bag (Amy Butler pattern) to hold all of Shari's own knitting supplies, which I noticed earlier this fall that she used a plastic bag. I also knew she liked this bag because she liked the one I made for my BIL's girlfriend. Thankfully, this bag was easier/quicker the second time around:

So the crafts were finished, the presents were was time to head to Nate's grandparents house. First we stopped in by his parents to take the annual photos in front of the tree:

After pics we went to Maggie's great grandparents' house for dinner and then to church where Uncle David had a solo in "O Holy Night" (my favorite Christmas carol). Of course, David rocked it. Church started an hour after Maggie's usual bedtime so she was not in the greatest mood for it, thus I spent most of the time in the back pacing the cool hallways trying to get her to sleep. She finally caved (sort of) 2 minutes before the church service of 1 hour 30 minutes ended. After church, we put her to bed in the pack and play and opened all of her presents - we're such mean parents, ha ha ha. Once again we were all spoiled. My favorite present of the night came from my father-in-law: a Booklight!!!! I have wanted a book light since I was a little kid. Why I never bought myself one, i do not know, particularly after I got married to someone who needs it to be PITCH black to fall asleep. This meant no late night reading in bed for me....UNTIL NOW! Mwah-ah-ah! The night ended with smorgasbord snacks before heading home.

Mags with her Great Grandparents:

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