Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A well placed duck

Progress has been made folks.

Bathtime at our house used to look like this: sponge bath hatred

Then we progressed to this: unsure about the newborn bath sling

One day we were in a rush and realized that we hadn't bathed the baby in...we couldn't remember. That is never a good sign. So I told Nate to bring her into the shower with me. We don't have a picture of this, for obvious reasons.
We continued showering with Maggie for several weeks because it just seemed easy. Sometimes she seemed to like it, sometimes she didn't.

Last night we decided to try the bath again, sans newborn sling, since once again, we couldn't remember when we bathed her last and she literally was starting to rot. And we thought she actually liked it! Lots of kicking the legs in the water!

Now bathtime looks like this: A well placed duck


mm said...

Oh my gosh! She is SO cute. We must skype soon. We finally have a weekend without guests. Do you want to try to skype sometime on Saturday?

Maayan said...

omg. i love her. look at that belly-to-hips ratio! what a nugget!