Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Month Stats

(I love her little foot poking out in the above picture!)

Last week Wednesday Maggie had her 2-month well child visit at the doctor. She is growing along her growth curve and even moved up a growth curve for length - girl is going to be tall! The doctor could not believe how much she was sleeping at night but is not concerned about it because she is maintaing a steady growth rate. She did say that I should be getting up to pump - BOO!

The ever-important stats:
Length: 24.25 in (97%!)
Weight: 11 lbs. 15.4 oz (75%) (She didn't pee on the scale this time! Hooray!)
Head Circumference: 15.5 in (73%)

Maggie does NOT like the paper covering on the exam tables. Her startle reflex works overtime while she is on there! At the end of the appointment, she had to get her immunizations which consisted of two shots in one thigh, one shot in another thigh and an oral vaccine. It was awful - I don't think I will ever forget the look of terror in her eyes as she was getting poked. My friend MB recommended nursing her after the shots which is what I did. She was crying and sniffling for the first 5 minutes. It was so sad! My brother said it only gets worse when they get older and realize that a shot is coming. Oh great! We gave her a dose of Tylenol immediately after and another five hours later. After that, she seemed to be back to our ol' Magster. No reactions - Phew!

We manage to get a lot of smiles and giggles out of her most days. She still is not a big fan of daytime naps, but every once in a while we get lucky. We had her first bout of diaper rash start this Sunday (right on baptism day - lucky us!) but it seems to be clearing up fine. She also is not spitting up as much after meals, which is really nice. However, she has just this week started drooling a lot so we're still always wiping her mouth!

She doesn't seem very interested in toys yet. She did really like her activity mat, but lately when she is in there she will get startled a lot and start to cry. We aren't sure why this is since she used to spend 15-20 minutes in there. Now she likes the rainforest attachment on her bouncy chair. It plays cricket sounds and has some animals that move. She still seems pretty engaged with books. Her new favorite is Ten Little Ladybugs. I also made her a book a while ago - I cut out these flashcards and put them in a 4x6 photo album we had laying around. This is by far her favorite book b/c of the black and white images. She even has some favorites that she smiles at consistently. Nate made up names for all the pictures.

She eats a lot. We think she compensates for not eating at night by eating very frequently during the day - pretty much every two hours. Nate still gives her a bottle every night which she takes down like a champ. She has only refused a bottle one time and that was during her baptism party, which I think was more due to her adjusting to all of the commotion in our house. Every time she has a doctor appointment we are supposed to write down how many oz she gets per feeding. I always am confused by this question - how are you supposed to know how much they get via breastfeeding?! She takes 5 oz in her bottle at night with Nate and during our Dells trip he gave her a bottle in the afternoon and she ate 7 oz. That is the only measurements we have to go by - so I'm not really sure how you figure out how many bottles to make them when you go back to work - friends with babies, please feel free to respond to that one!

I just commented the other day that I am glad I took an extended maternity leave. I feel I am at the point where I am fairly confident with Maggie and am enjoying hanging out with her more (and she is more interactive so that helps!). We have settled into a nice routine and I don't feel as "what am i doing?!" anymore. I am glad to spend some time just playing for the next 6 weeks!


Old MD Girl said...

Boo on the waking up to pump. :-(

She is so big!

CRICKET said...

I think 5 oz and 7 oz are a lot! I usually could get 2 oz a side per feeding so 4 total. I would make small bottles for daycare so none would be wasted since I had no idea how much the baby would take. It ended up that he didn;t eat much there abut I was told thats not uncommon.