Sunday, November 14, 2010

Take your daughter to work days

Last week, Maggie also had her first hotel stay as I returned to work for a day and a half for a meeting/conference in Wisconsin Dells. I did not HAVE to go to this, however, I mentioned before going on maternity leave that I would consider it. Nate and I were actually excited to go - he was on baby duty while I was at work. It was sort of weird thinking about work, but I really enjoyed it. In some ways, it did not feel as if I have been out for over two months. The meeting was at Grand Canyon Lodge which shares indoor waterparks with Wilderness Lodge. Nate & I were also excited about the indoor waterpark!

We rotated going on some waterslides - one of stayed with Maggie (and snapped pics) while one took a ride on slides. It may be cheesy but we love a good waterslide. We did try to see what Maggie would do in the water. Here's the answer after dipping her TOE in:

(you'll have to tilt your head - I could not get this photo to rotate for whatever reason!)

She did very well with her first hotel stay. We brought the pack-n-play along. She slept great, however, It was back to waking up to her every noise for us!

Her next experience going to work with me was probably not as fun, but she hammed it up for the people in my office today. I submitted some revisions to a manuscript a month before she was born to an academic journal. Of course they got back to me (with an acceptance!) last week needing some last minute revisions by today. So I had to go in the office and re-look at my data. I timed it so she would be sleeping for most of it which worked out well. She lasted 3 1/2 hours there (with one diaper change and one feeding) before having a meltdown so I was able to get everything done. Phew! That was enough work for me to last for the remaining month and a half of my maternity leave!


Old MD Girl said...

What's with the sequins?

Old MD Girl said...

I should add -- not that they're bad or anything. Just wondering if they were the alternative to the tankini.