Monday, November 22, 2010

Organ Piper Pizza

Saturday night we did not feel like cooking so we called up our friends, The Cs, to go to Organ Piper Pizza. Both AC and Nate recalled going here when they were children. I had never been.

Holy wow. That place is crazy. A man plays a giant organ while you eat pizza. There are tons of things to look at - lots of lights, disco balls, etc. I found myself singing and dancing along. It was all I could do NOT to take Maggie out on the dance floor. At least if she was two or three years old I could disguise my enthusiasm a little..."Oh I just HAD to come out on this dance floor because my daughter begged me too..."

Needless to say, Maggie LOVED it. She was entranced by all the activity. We even made a new discovery - that she is an ABBA fan - play Mamma Mia and she will giggle up a storm. Trust us - after that we played it several times on Sunday at our house.

Oh, and the pizza is pretty good too :)


hollyburch said...

We took Alex there for his first birthday. He loved it!

Alicia said...

I am really enjoying this site! Thank you for sharing the pics of your beautiful baby girl- my son is now twelve and none of my friends have "babies" anymore. Thanks for sharing!!