Monday, November 1, 2010

Living Room Takeover

This weekend we TCB'ed. (Took Care of Business. Blame Elvis for the acronym.)

I realize that once you have a kiddo your house will not remain immaculate. However, all of Maggie's crap all over our small living room was driving me bananas. After I tripped over her bouncy chair the third time, I called for a rearrangement. Given where our cable comes in, we are pretty much stuck with where the TV and two couches go. However, now Maggie has a whole corner of the room where we can stash her stuff - Boppy, Bouncy Chair, Activity Mat and Bumbo chair. We also moved a small table under the window for pictures and put a basket underneath that for a bunch of her books. The larger end table used to take up Maggie's corner and it is now between the two couches.

The small table that was between the two couches now is under the new photo shrine of Maggie:

The girl has officially started the house takeover!

Next post: Cape Cod YARD Makeover!

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