Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jersey Shore Fist Pump, Maggie Style

Yesterday we took Maggie over to our friends' dental lab to get her fist cast for a keepsake sculpture. I guess this is something they offer to do for friends so we figured why not. (Incidentally, Jackie, this made me think of those belly casts that you can get when you're pregnant!)

If you every had a retainer, braces or bruxism tooth guard made, you probably can remember the pink clay that they filled trays with and stuck in your mouth. That was what we stuck Maggie's hand into. Part of the "fun" of doing this is that you never really know what they will do with their hand in the goop (even though I had an idea...read on). After that, a mold is made and then filled with clay/paster to make the "sculpture".

I was not surprised to find out that her hand was in a fist, with her thumb underneath her fingers. Her hand has been like this since we had her first pictures - at her 12 week ultrasound. At the 20 week ultrasound, we had to work for about 30 minutes, rotating and flipping to try to get that fist open in utero. Every time I see the little fist pump, I smile. Her first artwork: