Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baptism Weekend

Woah! What a week! We had quite possibly the busiest week ever since Maggie was born, culminating in her baptism today. Our entire weekend revolved around the baptism. What previously would have taken Nate & I a few hours took ALL DAY Saturday to make meat, potatoes and pick up the house since we were tag teaming with baby duty as well. Oh and finish a little thing like a baptismal gown. Yes. I returned to crafting with a vengeance by making Maggie's dress. Crafting post-baby takes about 5 times longer than crafting pre-baby. The week before last we went to Jo-Ann fabrics to search for patterns. The Simplicity 5813 pattern was NOT my favorite but it was by far the easiest and given that I had a week to work with, that was the one I went with. I modified the design because I thought the dress on the cover of the pattern was ugly...that and I was not about to handmake rosettes out of ribbon.

WHY did I decide to make the dress, you might ask? When we got married, I had my wedding dress made because I wasn't finding anything I really liked in the bridal shops. There was some extra material leftover after that and I can't remember if the woman who made my dress or my mom suggested that I save it for my future baby's baptism outfit. So I dug out the fabric and looked at the pattern to see what parts of the dress I could use the leftover wedding dress material on. The dress itself is a gown that is suppossed to have a see-through bottom and then you make a slip for underneath. I had enough leftover wedding dress material to make the entire bodice, collar, sleeves and back out of so I only made the front part see-through. I found this really beautiful beaded and embroidered veil fabric that I used for the front. I also decided to jazz up the collar but cutting some of the embroidery from the veil material for the collar. This was turning into quite the couture gown.

I am 95% happy with how it turned out. It is DIFFICULT to make an infant dress - everything is so tiny, which I previously thought would make it EASIER. I was not happy with the sleeves. Although I am fairly certain I put them on the correct way based on the instructions, they may have been put on backwards. They looked a little wonky. Mags did get a lot of compliments on her dress though which was nice. For most of the baptism service she was wrapped in the shawl I was baptized in and the shawl Nate was baptized in, which also did a nice job of hiding the sleeves :) Funny story about the dress: my 4 year old niece saw it and asked if it was for Maggie when she gets bigger since it was so long!

Here is a full view of the dress:

Maggie was ok in the dress. She hated putting it on and off, which I had to make her do several times in the course of making it, unfortunately! We had a rough start to the day - Maggie was up off and on beginning at 2 AM (where was our awesome sleeper?!?) and she has her first bout of diaper rash. Thankfully once we got to church she fell asleep :)

Once we arrived at church, the day turned out pretty well! Nate's grandfather is a retired pastor and our pastor was very gracious in letting him baptize Maggie. (He also married us). Maggie did wake up once the water hit her head, but she did not cry. She was also quite a little ham as he walked her up and down the aisle to show her to the congregation.

We also took a five-generation picture on my side of the family as my 93-year old great grandfather (Maggie's great-great grandfather) was in attendance. Here is my mom and Nana (my mom's mom) and Great Grandpa T:

After the service, we hosted 25 family members at our place for lunch and CAKE!!!

And now, baby is sleeping and mom and dad are enjoying a nice glass of vino!

Up next - Maggie goes to a waterpark!


heather said...

Oh my goodness! I never realized this before but we go to the same church! (well actually we are in the process of moving somewhere closer to our was a lot easier before we had 3 kids to make the 30 minute drive) It's funny because I knew you were local (I honestly have no idea how I came upon your blog to begin with anymore though), but I didn't realize you were THAT local! :-)

Glad Maggie's special day was fabulous!

Tara said...

You are amazing. I can't believe you had the patience to make the dress! It looks very pretty. And- you look fantastic!

BrookeK said...

you never cease to amaze me! the dress is GORGEOUS! love it, love it, love it!

Missy said...

You look great and so happy! I love the one of you and Nate from the side, smiling at her being baptized. So cute! The dress looks awesome, 3rd what Tara and Brooke never cease to amaze me! Great idea to the use the wedding dress fabric, very sweet.

Kristina said...

You look amazing!! I love your dress too. Of course, Maggie looks adorable in anything.