Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another chill weekend at the S__ House. Friday night the three of us went out for a fish fry and got a great fish fry AND a lesson in parenting. I can attest that you get a LOT of parenting advice when you have a baby, solicited and unsolicited. My personal favorite is the unsolicited advice from random people you do not know. We have taken Maggie to a fair share of restaurants since she arrived and she seems to love them - lots of noise, lots to look at. She rarely, if ever, has cried at one and will stay awake for part of the time but then will fall asleep. Friday night, she was awake to begin with so we put her (in her carseat) on a chair at our table. An older man (of the crotchety variety) sitting at a table next to us commented on the baby. Not sure what he said. I smiled and then we proceeded to order. She fell asleep at some point and we finished our meal. The waitress, who seemed to be in a super hurry all night, cleared our plates and zipped to the kitchen. On her way, a spoon flew off the plate and landed on maggie's chair. It startled her but she kept on sleeping. Clearly she was not hurt nor too concerned. Well Mr. Old Man proceeded to chastise us for placing our child in the chair that was in the aisle - we should have put her more in the corner, according to him. Then, he proceeded to put the bar up on her car seat as well as the shade "too give her more protection". I was so baffled that he was touching our car seat that I didn't say anything. He got up to use the restroom and I noticed he was wearing 1980's style brown sweatpants and slippers. Really?! You're going to offer me parenting advice and you are wearing gross sweatpants to the restaurant?!

Anyways, we got a kick out of that.

Saturday Maggie wore one of about ten halloween outfits she has. This is a scary skeleton onesie...and it GLOWS IN THE DARK! How cool is that?! It was a hand me down from the girls who live behind us.

We also tried out the Bumbo chair! Maggie had really good head control from the day she was born (doctor's words, not just ours!) and so we gave it a whirl. We think she likes it! It provided a good view to watch the Badgers win over Ohio State!!

Sunday we were on mission organization. Increasingly Maggie is outgrowing many of her clothes, which I had just been making a pile in her closet which also houses my shoe piles and piles of running clothes. It was driving me bonkers so we started a baby 0-3 month box. I really can't believe how much she has outgrown - mostly in the length department. She had these kimono-style onesie shirts that are now belly shirts. I think 5 1/2 weeks is a little young to be baring midriff so into the box they went. Some outfits, she only wore once!! This morning I noticed that even the regular onesies in the 0-3 month size are getting a little short! Bring on the 3-6 month clothes!

I ended the weekend as usual - with Mad Men. Last night was the season finale - boo! I already can't wait for season 5!!

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