Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Happenings

We had a great weekend including a six hour stretch last night with no eating!!!!!!!! I'm sure it was another fluke but I'll take it. Over the weekend, our friend, E, who has her own photography business, Photography Atelier, came over for a photo shoot with Maggie. E said it is easiest if the baby is sleeping when she gets there and then we can wake her up later. Well, of course Maggie slept all morning and then I worked like hell to get her to sleep by 2 PM when E came over. She woke up during the first pose. So there was a lot of rocking, using the Nuk and then quick pull it out and run out of the way while E quickly snapped photos. Most of the pictures we took have an awake Maggie, which I am ok with because I love her eyes. E took a bunch of photos with Nate and I with Maggie too which I am really excited about.

We took a lot of pictures in our entryway, which E loved and called "chic", and then some in Maggie's nursery. E was here for almost 3 1/2 hours!!!!! She brought lots of fun props, including a vintage looking baby scale, which looked awesome in Maggies quasi-vintage looking nursery and lots of cute hats. This is how we discovered that Maggie really isn't the biggest fan of hats!! oh well. We will share the pics when we get them back - likely at the end of this week or next.

In the meantime, here are some of our own photos:
Her favorite sleeping "pose":

Chillin' on my lap getting ready for bed:

Hanging out in our bed Sunday morning (love this pic):

"Hey, this bed is way more comfy than my pack-n-play! Maybe I'll go back to sleep"

"Oh, God. Mom is putting that damn burp rag on my head again and singing The Sound of Music. I wish I could talk so I could tell her to stop."


BCK said...

hahahaha. i am thinking of the diaper on the head photo of you!

BrookeK said...

omg! I love the pic with maggie and Nate....just precious!