Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tailor Made

Ladies and if there is a Gentleman reading**...the sewing machine has been turned on for the first time since our household of two became one of three.

For the record, I did not go anywhere near it. Nate-O fired up the machine and crafted on his own.

For real.

Once upon a time, I bought him a pair of jeans from Banana Republic. They were always a little long but cest la vie. Ultimately, they started fraying. Those of you that personally know my husband know that he is not one to wear frayed anything. So he asked me to hem the jeans so that they were no longer too long and thus no longer frayed.

I threw them on a "to-do" craft pile and never looked back. In truth I was not into hemming jeans. Seemed boring and I was nervous I would mess it up.

I legitimately forgot about them when today he asked me how to thread the sewing machine. "What for?", I asked. "I'm going to hem my jeans. I looked up how to do it online," he replied.

Ok, this I gotta see.

I got the machine ready for him to go, showed him what button produced a zigzag stitch and which was a straight stitch (in response to his questions). Ten minutes later he came upstairs with perfectly hemmed jeans. Bananas. They look amazing.

I love that a) he totally had no shame about using the sewing machine; b) just did it himself and c) did a better job than I probably would have done.

Looks like we will not be needing a tailor in this house! ha ha ha Unfortunately, neither Maggie nor myself will likely have the problem of having pants that are too long. :)

**TOTAL side note but if anyone reading was obsessed with the movie Reality Bites in the late 90s as me and my college roommate were, remember the scene when Winona Ryder's character was working for that morning show and the host says "Good morning Ladies and Gentleman! We have a Gentleman in the crowd!!" Hilarious. I am laughing like a walrus just thinking about it.

The last time I sewed was just days before I went into labor. I made the bloomers out of Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby book. I made them in the newborn size in a gender neutral blue/gray fabric with yellow polka dots. They were so cute - I packed them in the hospital bag for the new baby.

They looked really tiny but so did all baby clothes at the time. And to be fair, my doctor and several residents all told me that the baby would be seven pounds TOPS in weight...more like high 6s.

Fast forward to two days after giving birth when we were getting our EIGHT POUND FIVE OUNCE baby dressed to leave the hospital. Nate said, "Honey, I really don't think those things are going to fit her.". But I was bound and determined that Maggie was going to leave the hospital wearing those bloomers that I sewed. I squeezed her into them and she immediately started crying. That was how tight they were:

So we took them off. They are in a box somewhere probably going to go on a doll someday :)


Maayan said...

best.story.ever. (me = wearing a wide grin)

BCK said...

GO NATE! Love it. Can I start sending my unfinished sewing projects there? :)

chacha said...

Dude, I am impressed that he did it himself. That's pretty awesome.