Thursday, October 21, 2010


"Mom, Really? People know I'm cute. You don't need to keep taking pictures of me."

"Ok, You're Right. I do have a pretty trendy outfit on today with my monogrammed onesie (Thanks Amber!) and my Baby Legs (Thanks Miles & Felix!)"

"Wait...You're putting that on the blog? I'm so embarrassed!"

"Mom you are really weird, but I kinda like it"

"I can stick out my tongue too"

"You think I like having that burp rag in my mouth?? Well...maybe I do"

"Wait! Where did the burp rag go?!?? I like it! I like it! Bring it Back!!"

"YES!!! My mommy is the coolest!"


Maayan said...


Old MD Girl said...

When do you go back to work, again?


Heehee. Mags is the cutest!

Ali said...

Ah, too much cuteness! Love, it, love it!

Silky Jess said...

She's just ridiculously adorable!

BCK said...

hehehe. even tho i have already seen the smile progression, it still cracks me up. love the baby legs!