Friday, October 8, 2010

Pictures from the Week

Tuesday Maggie wanted to wish her Uncle Mike a happy birthday so we made a sign and did a photo shoot. Here are two of the better shots.

Nate took a paternity day on Wednesday to hang out with his two favorite girls. We hit up the grocery store for double coupon day, went out to lunch at Ferch's Malt Shoppe and then went to the Boerner Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful, dare I say HOT, day. We took the stroller along to the gardens because he read on the website that the paths are paved. They were not so Mags got quite the ride. She still slept through it all. Even when we had to literally pick up the stroller and dodge sprinklers (unsuccessfully) in the rock garden, she stayed sleeping. And then we took her out of the stroller to take pictures of her, and guess what...she stayed sleeping.

Who is on that butterfly sculpture?

It looks like...

It IS - Maggie! Where was this can-do attitude when we tried doing this pose with the photographer last weekend?!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 month birthday, little Maggie.
Love, Grandma

Missy said...

You are hilarious. This is very Anne Geddes of you!