Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's in a name?

Several people have asked us how we came up with the name Margaret. There isn't any cool story - I just have always liked that name. However, after we named her, we did find out that Nate's Grandpa's Aunt was named Margaret. I always liked old-sounding, strong names for both boys and girls. There were maybe 5 names that Nate and I agreed on - he wasn't always a fan of how "old-sounding" some of my favorites were.

Of course, when I was younger, I thought that it would be cool to name my kiddos after books or songs. I realized that with Margaret, we lucked out. Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart is a great song (one that we randomly heard on the radio the other day!) and what book can you think of that features Margaret? How about "Are you there, God, It's Me, Margaret" by Judy Blume. I wonder if Maggie will sneak and read it in second grade like I did? ha ha ha.

What about other famous Margarets?
Margaret Atwood, Margaret Wise Brown & Margaret Mitchell - both great authors, keeping up the literary theme :)
Margaret Mead, the anthropologist (my undergraduate major)
Peggy from Mad Men ( :) ) or Maggie from the Simpsons (there's also Marge Simpson)
Margaret March, from Little Women

Ok, I'll stop. I'm going a little too far down the Nerd Road.

Maggie's middle name, Hazel, is from my great-grandmother who passed away last year. Grandma Hazel watched my siblings and I after school and was a great storyteller :) At one time, I lobbied for the first name to be Hazel, but lost :)

I may have mentioned that we had two girl names and two boy names going into labor and delivery. The other girl name we were considering was Madeline, which our friends H&A recently named their baby girl and Nate's coworker also named their baby girl. (Both have different spellings of course). When I looked at Maggie, I thought she looked like a Maggie so that's what she was named. In light of all the Madeline's born, I wanted her to be unique :)

So Margaret Hazel it is. Even though her "official" nickname is Maggie, we have compiled quite the list of other names we call her:

Magna Doodle
Magna Carta
Pretzel (this is actually what our little neigbor, Reese, calls her. Reese is 5.)
Much to my chagrin, her uncles and aunt will call her Marge just to get a rise out of us.

What about the boy names? We're not telling those b/c what if baby #2 is a boy?? [Yes, there will someday (read: in a couple of years at LEAST) be a baby #2. Immediately after labor and delivery, I commented, "Wow, that wasn't so bad" and my doctor laughed. "That's why there are second children in the world!" was his reply. Everyone tells you that you immediately forget the pain of childbirth once you see your baby - so true!]


Silky Jess said...

Oddly enough, in the end we came down to Madeline or Zoe for baby 2. We went with Zoe because of the sudden surge in Madelines, and because it just fit her. I love the name Maggie--glad you picked it.

Emily said...

I love the old fashioned names too. Alice was one of my top choices, but it got vetoed. Can't wait to meet Maggie!!