Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maggie-kins, 10 days in

Did we really have a baby 10 days ago? Seems like she's been here for longer than that. What a whirlwind. So far, it seems to be going pretty well, but as I have been saying, the real test will come Monday when Nate goes back to work. Then I might be a little less optimistic!

With two people, it is easier to go places. In just 10 days, Maggie has been to visit Nate's office, my office, the doctor, Grandpa Doug's Store, Pa & Nana's, church and has gone out to eat for sushi, burgers and a fish fry. She also has been shopping at the mall, Target, Kohl's and the grocery store. She loves getting out of the house as much as we do. Maybe being in the car has something to do with it...we hear babies like cars. Ours is certainly no exception.

She also seems to really like going for walks. We are up to a 2 mile walk with her (but yes, I need a nap after this!). September in Wisconsin is pretty much perfect weather for being outside so I'm glad she seems to be starting out an "outside girl". Maybe it was all that running we did for the first 32 weeks!

What else does she like to do? She is pretty fond of sitting in the Boppy, particularly right away in the morning after waking up:

She seems to like hanging out in her bouncy chair. We just started putting her in there to see what she would do. Sleep and sit there.

She likes the Baby Bjorn too. We usually put her in this while we cook - no worries - whoever has the baby does not do heat cooking.

She also likes the Wii Fit. Breastfeeding was a slow start for us so I was constantly concerned that she was not gaining weight and instead of buying a baby scale, we will weigh ourselves on the wii fit and then pick her up. After our doctor appointment on Tuesday, it seems to be realatively accurate! Which means she is already over the 9.0 lb mark. Girl likes her food...Took her a few days, but something in her brain clicked and eating no longer is an issue.

She also likes music and books (Mommy's girl!!). She isn't too picky with her music. She loves all of her children's music CDs and lullabyes that we got as gifts, but in a pinch, Michael Jackson's #1 Hits does the trick too. :) She also seems to like these two black and white books that we got as gifts too. Or at least she stares at them for a while! as much as we like to think we have the perfect child, there are some things Maggie does not like. HATES in fact. They are:

1) Tummy time: She lasts about 2 minutes before a full out WAIL. She actually has really good head control (doctor's words, not ours!) so she can move her head from one side to the other but after about two times of doing that, she wants out.

2) BATHS: She hated the one in the hospital and she has hated the two we have given her since. She likes getting her hair washed - kitchen sink faucet works perfect for that! I will not post the video we took - it is almost cruel how hard she is crying in it and how much we are laughing. She did do better with bath #2 at home, although she still is not a fan.

3. DIAPER CHANGES. Girl would rather sit in piles of poo than get changed. I hope this doesn't mean she will be 10 years old before she's potty trained.

4. BEING HUNGRY. Lips smack, fists go in the mouth and then WAIL. No need trying to decipher her "feeding cues". You KNOW when she needs to eat and you better give her something PRONTO.

So that's the status on our recent "makeover". Cape Cod Makeover has taken another new direction. Stay tuned!

Sorry if you tuned in earlier - I hit "publish post" a little too early and only half of this post was posted!


BrookeK said...

this post is so cute! love to hear how she is doing...can't wait to meet her tomorrow!

Silky Jess said...

Zoe hated tummy time the first few months and we sort of neglected it. Then, she decided to start rolling over and now only hangs out on her tummy (yes, even for sleeping). As long as Maggie has good head control, I wouldn't stress about it. I'm glad you're adjusting well. It may be tough with Nate back at work but there's also something really wonderful about all that one-on-one bonding time you get with your baby each day. Of course, you will probably be starving for adult conversation by the time Nate gets home, but enjoy having time to relax (and really do try to sleep when she does).

Old MD Girl said...

I'm sorry to disagree with you Amy, but Maggie is perfect.

Also, if you find yourself going stir crazy when you're in the house with Maggie all day, and you have nobody to talk to, please feel free to email me, or to chat me on facebook if you need. I know I'd begin to go a little nuts without adult contact and a crying baby. It's actually one of my biggest fears about having a baby.

Ali said...

Love it! She's doing so well--already looks bigger (and I think still like your sister and you). We are a family of babies who hate tummy time over here.

It sounds like things are just going perfect! I cannot wait to continue to see and hear how things go!

Missy said...

I love hearing that y'all are going out already and not staying too cooped up inside...good for you! The Wii fit thing cracks me up. You look great, too!