Friday, September 24, 2010

Flying Solo

So it is Friday - the last day of my first week flying solo with Mags. What a crazy whirlwind. I think we are getting into a bit of a groove though. Sunday night I was crying. I did not want Nate to go to work, although I realized that he had to and that I would have to face the solo act at some point. I was nervous though.

Monday went really well. Wow! This is going to be a piece of cake! I showered and we went to Target to get some necessities. Holy cow I never shopped so fast in my life. I was TERRIFIED she was going to wake up and start wailing, much like the harried mother I saw who was carrying her screaming infant in one arm and pushing the cart with the other. PLEASE don't let that happen to me on Day 1. PLEASE.

Thankfully the trip was a success, as was the rest of Day 1.

Then came Monday night. Probably the worst night she has had yet. Which left me TIRED on Tuesday. I took the "sleep when she sleeps" advice. Shut the phone off and slept for a good hour. Unfortunately Tuesday and Wednesday did not go as well as Monday due to the fact that Miss Maggie wanted to eat almost every hour or two and she was definitely more fussy. EXHAUSTING. Wednesday night I was crying as I fed her. What is WRONG with her?! She was so good the first 12 days!

Thursday we went to the doctor for the 2 week well baby check up. GROWTH SPURT. Apparently that's what the ramped up feeding schedule is. Maggie is totally healthy and normal. She is up to 9 lbs. 0.4 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. This is the 70-something percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height! Yup - she's a tall one like far. The doctor assured me that the feeding would lengthen out after a couple of days. PHEW. I immediately felt better (not sure about my boobs yet!).

Thursday was a great day. Last night...she was up until 12:30 AM but after that, she slept for FIVE HOURS uninterrupted. GLORIOUS! I was almost going to sing the hallelujah chorus at 5:45 AM when I fed her. So far, today is going great. She even did tummy time for 5 minutes without crying :).

So we made it through the first "real" week of maternity leave - a few tears, a few naps, and lots of kissy face:

It is really amazing how much I have learned about her in just a week. She likes Christopher O'Reilley (basically instrumental Radiohead) and Johnny Cash instrumental on her CD player. She really likes the songs I make up about her and has lots of kissy face during them. She likes these two black and white books we got for gifts: Wild Animals and My Hand, Your Hand. She likes tummy time much better on a very soft cozy blanket (thank you Murphy family!). If she is fussy, she likes moving around and having her butt patted. I just recently started giving her mini massages over her clothes and she seems to like those. Anytime you make faces at her, she also seems to like that - like this crazy pic:

She also has about a ten minute stretching routine she goes through anytime she wakes up from a nap.

I am looking forward to the weekend and more time with Daddy! I am sure she is too!


heather said...

The being overtired AND trying to figure out what they need at the same time is brutal! (I may remember BEGGING my third to go to sleep at 3am on night 5...literally begging!) Hang in there! It gets MUCH easier!! (and keep sleeping when she sleeps too) :-)

Maayan said...

that kissy face picture is GREAT. i love how you're documenting this adventure! for you and for her.

Missy said...

Have you thought about writing a book? You are hilarious. I love your descriptions. Great pics, too!

Old MD Girl said...

You look totally psycho in that kissy face picture. THANK GOD!! I was beginning to hate you for having no difficulties whatsoever!! (you're doing great)


BCK said...

yay, you made it! congrats!