Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 weeks old! (with text)

Mag-a-rino is three weeks old today! And we are halfway through our second week sans Nate. Week 2 without him has been LOADS better than week 1. I think we have gotten much better at figuring out what her cries mean and are quicker to get her to calm down if she is fussy.

Many people comment on how alert she is. I think she does have a lot of alert time during the day which is fun. She is at her best right away in the morning. This is when I try to sneak tummy time in. She is getting better about liking tummy time. Today she did it for her longest run yet and moved her head from side to side twice. I like to think this is because I lay down with her and encourage her but that's probably wishful thinking.

She has become quite a good sleeper at night as well. Usually we get her calmed down and sleeping between 7 and 7:30ish and she will sleep until 6:30-7:30ish in the morning, waking approximately every 2-4 hours to eat. Generally it is 3 hours. She has not yet repeated the 5 hour stretch! Last night I caught myself taking her out of the pack and play because I thought since she was awake she would want to eat. She did NOT want to eat. Lesson learned - I should have just let her in there and she probably would have fallen back asleep. During the day, she puts up a bit of a fight going to sleep. I think she is just nosy. But at night, she will wake up, I will change her diaper, feed her and put her in her crib and she will grunt herself back to sleep no problem. I will take a bit of fussiness during the day for none at night!

Maggie was swaddled throughout her time in the hospital and the first night home. Then we discovered, upon putting one of those swaddlers on her that she really did not like to be swaddled. She was like a little Houdini wriggling until she got both of her arms out of the thing, no matter how tight we secured it. So we stopped swaddling her on day 4. However, she does like to be cozy. She really seems to like those really soft fluffy blankets during the day. I'm terrified she will suffocate herself with those at night (blame my job and child death review) so we use the swaddlers at night but leave both of her arms out. She seems to really like this and stay warm. The girl needs access to those hands!

She REALLY REALLY likes music. We have been watching season 1 of glee on DVD and even though dinnertime is usually her fussiest part of the day, when the songs come on that show, she stops and is in a trance. Thus, I play a lot of music during the day. I read an article in some parenting magazine that suddenly started appearing in our mailbox that you shouldn't limit babies music time to just classical music - they actually seem to respond better to music with an identifiable beat. So I play her a variety of music throughout the day - classical, instrumental piano, Bruce Springsteen, Avett Brothers and Norah Jones so far.

Thankfully, she is still a cuddly baby that likes snuggling. For this reason, we usually let her sleep on us for the first part of her nighttime sleep while we watch tv. During the day, I will use the moby wrap to carry her around in and she will usually get a nap in that thing as well. Otherwise, she generally naps in her bouncy chair. I would DIE without the bouncy chair. I will put her in that on the countertop when I make food, will put her in it in the bathroom when I shower - it is great. The vibrate feature on it is hit or miss so generally I don't use it.

We got a hand-me-down swing free from our neighbors. I'm not sure she really likes it. I never use it during the day and I think we have put her in it twice so far during the fussy time. She calms down quicker and better if we just carry her around while walking or gently bouncing her so the swing largely goes unused.

Eating...well I'm planning on doing a sole post dedicated to breastfeeding since I get a lot of questions about it but in the class we took, we learned that you should try to identify their feeding cues well before they start totally screaming because they won't latch on if they are screaming. In regards to this, Maggie almost has a split personality. During the day, she has no feeding cues. She goes from 0 to 100, meaning she goes right to the scream when she is hungry. She latches on almost in a frenzy, literally gulping at my boob. At night, however, she will definitely do more of a lip smacking, which is what wakes me up. She rarely will cry to eat at night. The lip smacking and grunting wake me up.

So that's our kiddo so far. Clearly she is napping, allowing me to type this monster post :)

Once again, I accidentally hit "publish post" instead of "save now" when starting this post earlier today (during an earlier nap). You may have just caught it when it was two pictures and zero text - sorry!


chacha said...

Maybe she gets distracted by the world during the day and doesn't notice until she is super-hungry.

Sounds like you are getting this baby thing down pretty quick!

BrookeK said...

woo hoo! sounds like things are going great! :)