Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 weeks old! (with text)

Mag-a-rino is three weeks old today! And we are halfway through our second week sans Nate. Week 2 without him has been LOADS better than week 1. I think we have gotten much better at figuring out what her cries mean and are quicker to get her to calm down if she is fussy.

Many people comment on how alert she is. I think she does have a lot of alert time during the day which is fun. She is at her best right away in the morning. This is when I try to sneak tummy time in. She is getting better about liking tummy time. Today she did it for her longest run yet and moved her head from side to side twice. I like to think this is because I lay down with her and encourage her but that's probably wishful thinking.

She has become quite a good sleeper at night as well. Usually we get her calmed down and sleeping between 7 and 7:30ish and she will sleep until 6:30-7:30ish in the morning, waking approximately every 2-4 hours to eat. Generally it is 3 hours. She has not yet repeated the 5 hour stretch! Last night I caught myself taking her out of the pack and play because I thought since she was awake she would want to eat. She did NOT want to eat. Lesson learned - I should have just let her in there and she probably would have fallen back asleep. During the day, she puts up a bit of a fight going to sleep. I think she is just nosy. But at night, she will wake up, I will change her diaper, feed her and put her in her crib and she will grunt herself back to sleep no problem. I will take a bit of fussiness during the day for none at night!

Maggie was swaddled throughout her time in the hospital and the first night home. Then we discovered, upon putting one of those swaddlers on her that she really did not like to be swaddled. She was like a little Houdini wriggling until she got both of her arms out of the thing, no matter how tight we secured it. So we stopped swaddling her on day 4. However, she does like to be cozy. She really seems to like those really soft fluffy blankets during the day. I'm terrified she will suffocate herself with those at night (blame my job and child death review) so we use the swaddlers at night but leave both of her arms out. She seems to really like this and stay warm. The girl needs access to those hands!

She REALLY REALLY likes music. We have been watching season 1 of glee on DVD and even though dinnertime is usually her fussiest part of the day, when the songs come on that show, she stops and is in a trance. Thus, I play a lot of music during the day. I read an article in some parenting magazine that suddenly started appearing in our mailbox that you shouldn't limit babies music time to just classical music - they actually seem to respond better to music with an identifiable beat. So I play her a variety of music throughout the day - classical, instrumental piano, Bruce Springsteen, Avett Brothers and Norah Jones so far.

Thankfully, she is still a cuddly baby that likes snuggling. For this reason, we usually let her sleep on us for the first part of her nighttime sleep while we watch tv. During the day, I will use the moby wrap to carry her around in and she will usually get a nap in that thing as well. Otherwise, she generally naps in her bouncy chair. I would DIE without the bouncy chair. I will put her in that on the countertop when I make food, will put her in it in the bathroom when I shower - it is great. The vibrate feature on it is hit or miss so generally I don't use it.

We got a hand-me-down swing free from our neighbors. I'm not sure she really likes it. I never use it during the day and I think we have put her in it twice so far during the fussy time. She calms down quicker and better if we just carry her around while walking or gently bouncing her so the swing largely goes unused.

Eating...well I'm planning on doing a sole post dedicated to breastfeeding since I get a lot of questions about it but in the class we took, we learned that you should try to identify their feeding cues well before they start totally screaming because they won't latch on if they are screaming. In regards to this, Maggie almost has a split personality. During the day, she has no feeding cues. She goes from 0 to 100, meaning she goes right to the scream when she is hungry. She latches on almost in a frenzy, literally gulping at my boob. At night, however, she will definitely do more of a lip smacking, which is what wakes me up. She rarely will cry to eat at night. The lip smacking and grunting wake me up.

So that's our kiddo so far. Clearly she is napping, allowing me to type this monster post :)

Once again, I accidentally hit "publish post" instead of "save now" when starting this post earlier today (during an earlier nap). You may have just caught it when it was two pictures and zero text - sorry!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pictures from the Weekend

Since my two previous posts did not have any pictures, I am posting some.

Maggie and her cousin Toni at the pumpkin patch

And ladies and gentlemen, we now are the proud parents of a girl who does not scream during bathtime! Last night we gave her her first non-sponge bath in her bathtub since her cord and all of it's remnants are off. She actually seemed to like chilling out in that little net in the warm water. Or at least she didn't scream bloody murder during it!

What remains unknown to us is how many times she peed in that water!

Diapers and Wipes: Bring on the Cloth!

Over the weekend, we transitioned the Magster into cloth diapers. We did not start with cloth diapers right away mostly because we wanted to wait until after she was done passing the muconium stool and for her umbilical cord to fall off. Her umbilical cord fell off at exactly one week but she still had some scabbing there, so we waited for it to heal.

I did a lot of research on cloth diapers, reading some books/websites and talking with friends that use them when I was pregnant. I thought we would start with the prefold/diaper cover route since that is the most cost friendly and also try a variety of the all-in-one/one size pricier varieties to figure out what we like best. (Diaper definitions are on this site.) I found all of the prefolds and covers on Craigslist - brand new, never used for CHEAP. If you are at all interested in trying cloth diapers, I highly recommend Craigslist because a lot of people seem to invest a ton of money into cloth diapers when they are pregnant and then never use them once the baby arrives. Also, this way, I wouldn't feel so bad if we didn't keep up with the cloth diapers since my whole investment in them has maybe been $50.

Saturday was the big first day. We started using prefold diapers and the bummis super whisper newborn sized covers. We began just by putting the cloth diaper in the cover and not using pins or a Snappi. All day it went well - no leaks. Then nighttime came. It was fairly cold Saturday night so we upgraded her usual Halo Sleep Sack from the knit version to this woolly looking warm sleep sack that our neighbors handed down to us. She looked so cute in it -I kept calling her a sheep. We have two different kinds of the covers - ones that snap and ones that velcro. We did not have any more clean snap covers left by the time 3 AM on Sunday rolled around so I changed her and used one of the velcro variety. At night when she wakes up, I change her diaper, feed her and then put her back in the pack and play next to my side of the bed. She usually grunts and moves around some before falling back asleep. Well amidst her grunting, I could hear the velcro moving around. I knew I should have checked it but I was so tired and half asleep that I just left it.

At 6 AM, when she got up to eat next, I picked her up and noticed a huge stain on the pack and play sheet. I looked at her back and noticed the sleep sack had a huge yellow stain too. Uh oh. This called for reinforcements. Nate woke up and changed the sheet and I took her to her changing table to assess the damage. Apparently the velcro did come undone, therefore the diaper was no longer really secure on her, so the sleep sack was now a sh** sack. EW EW EW. We cleaned her up and got her changed and this time I put the prefold on her using the twist fold that CD recommended for girls. This allowed the prefold to be slimmer and lay flatter to her body rather than basically doubled up the way we were doing it, which allowed the cover to fit better. Since then, we have been using the twist fold with the prefold and securing it with a Snappi and have had no other issues.

Last night, I tried one of her BumGenius 4.0 diapers for the first time. LOVE THIS! I am now pricing them out among different sites to order some more. These really are way easier (although costlier), espeically at night. CD bought us one of the snap variety and one of the velcro. Given the velcro incident, I was nervous to use the velcro one but the snap one was awesome. I imagine that eventually we will transition to using all of these one size type diapers. They are just way easier than the prefold kind.

We still have a couple of the Flip diapers with inserts that we haven't tried yet because the smallest setting is still a bit big. I think we have four of these diapers that I got for free through various promotions I stalked during pregnancy. They basically seem to be the same as the prefold/cover variety. I also ordered a Bebe Britches cloth diaper that is amazing but also still too big.

Other than the huge blowout (which was total user error on my part), we haven't had any leaks or problems with the cloth diapers. We did have several blowouts and leaks during our tenure with disposable diapers. I think no matter what type of diapering you do, you should probably expect some of these things!

Now that we went over our trials so far with actually diapering, the other part of the cloth diaper equation is laundering. After we take off a dirty diaper, we put it in a big garbage pail in the nursery that has one of these planet wise bags in it. Once this bag is full (basically every other day), I take the entire bag down to the washer and dryer and dump the contents in the washer. I followed these washing instructions. Everything I read about washing cloth diapers says that you don't really have to worry about breastmilk poo because it is water soluble. However, the poo diapers in our first load of wash came out stained. They did not smell or anything but visually looked kinda bad. I ran them through a second wash and they were lighter but still stained. I consulted three of my cloth diapering friends and they suggested putting them in the sun. Seriously 5 minutes into the sunning process, they were white. Crazy! I am glad this worked but am not really about to drag out my clothes drying rack and hang cloth diapers outside in the winter so I am experimenting with water levels and detergent amounts in this next load to see if the stain problem can be avoided. Today I did another load and using this hose we have connected to the duratub next to our washer, I sprayed all of the poo diapers with very cold water before putting them in the washer. They have sprayers you can get for your toilet, but given that we have this set up in our basement, I don't think we will go the diaper sprayer route if this works.

After all this, you are probably thinking that cloth diapers sound like way too much work. I actually really like them so far but I also have time right now to figure out the best system for us. I have heard that using cloth diapers prevents diaper rash so we will see. It is much easier to tell when Mags needs a diaper change with cloth as she does not like sitting in a wet cloth diaper! Where we could have let her sit in a dirty disposable diaper all day and she would not have cared.

Along with cloth diapers, we are trying cloth wipes. We actually transitioned to the cloth wipes on about day 5 when our stock of Pampers Sensitive wipes ran out. We both really love the cloth wipes. Even Nate, who was very dubious about the cloth wipes. During pregnancy, I used a bunch of flannel material to make 2 ply wipes with a serged edge. We make a baby wipe solution out of the Lusa Baby Wipe Juice in a big bowl and then put all the wipes in there and then stack them in the old Pampers waterproof box. These wipes also go into the same diaper pail and get washed with the diapers. We like them a lot better because with each diaper change, we only have to use one wipe versus like 10 of the Pampers ones. Also, the cloth wipes seem to remove poo from her skin a lot easier than the disposable wipes. Another bonus of the cloth wipes is that the "juice" smells heavenly and helps deodorize the diaper pail so that we haven't had any problems with smell yet. Even if we don't stick with cloth diapers, we will stick with the cloth wipes. You can read more about cloth wipes at this site, which also includes a DIY baby wipe juice recipe.

Stay tuned for more adventures in cloth diapering.

Double Life

Apparently even though I'm up every three hours feeding a 2 1/2 week old infant and wearing the same black scrubby maternity shirt every night for...i lost track of how many nights, I somehow made it out to Silk Gentleman's Club, met "Johnny" and gave him my number over the weekend.

Here's the story -

Yesterday I got a phone call. It was an unknown number so I let it go to voicemail. Then I got a text from the same number. "Hey it's Johnny. We met last night at Silk".

I did not reply figuring he would get the hint.

This morning, another text message from Johnny woke me up. "R U busy today? Maybe we could meet up?"

I almost replied, "would you like me to bring my 2 1/2 week old infant?" But I did not. I replied that he had the wrong number. We'll see if I get any more text messages.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flying Solo

So it is Friday - the last day of my first week flying solo with Mags. What a crazy whirlwind. I think we are getting into a bit of a groove though. Sunday night I was crying. I did not want Nate to go to work, although I realized that he had to and that I would have to face the solo act at some point. I was nervous though.

Monday went really well. Wow! This is going to be a piece of cake! I showered and we went to Target to get some necessities. Holy cow I never shopped so fast in my life. I was TERRIFIED she was going to wake up and start wailing, much like the harried mother I saw who was carrying her screaming infant in one arm and pushing the cart with the other. PLEASE don't let that happen to me on Day 1. PLEASE.

Thankfully the trip was a success, as was the rest of Day 1.

Then came Monday night. Probably the worst night she has had yet. Which left me TIRED on Tuesday. I took the "sleep when she sleeps" advice. Shut the phone off and slept for a good hour. Unfortunately Tuesday and Wednesday did not go as well as Monday due to the fact that Miss Maggie wanted to eat almost every hour or two and she was definitely more fussy. EXHAUSTING. Wednesday night I was crying as I fed her. What is WRONG with her?! She was so good the first 12 days!

Thursday we went to the doctor for the 2 week well baby check up. GROWTH SPURT. Apparently that's what the ramped up feeding schedule is. Maggie is totally healthy and normal. She is up to 9 lbs. 0.4 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. This is the 70-something percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height! Yup - she's a tall one like far. The doctor assured me that the feeding would lengthen out after a couple of days. PHEW. I immediately felt better (not sure about my boobs yet!).

Thursday was a great day. Last night...she was up until 12:30 AM but after that, she slept for FIVE HOURS uninterrupted. GLORIOUS! I was almost going to sing the hallelujah chorus at 5:45 AM when I fed her. So far, today is going great. She even did tummy time for 5 minutes without crying :).

So we made it through the first "real" week of maternity leave - a few tears, a few naps, and lots of kissy face:

It is really amazing how much I have learned about her in just a week. She likes Christopher O'Reilley (basically instrumental Radiohead) and Johnny Cash instrumental on her CD player. She really likes the songs I make up about her and has lots of kissy face during them. She likes these two black and white books we got for gifts: Wild Animals and My Hand, Your Hand. She likes tummy time much better on a very soft cozy blanket (thank you Murphy family!). If she is fussy, she likes moving around and having her butt patted. I just recently started giving her mini massages over her clothes and she seems to like those. Anytime you make faces at her, she also seems to like that - like this crazy pic:

She also has about a ten minute stretching routine she goes through anytime she wakes up from a nap.

I am looking forward to the weekend and more time with Daddy! I am sure she is too!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's in a name?

Several people have asked us how we came up with the name Margaret. There isn't any cool story - I just have always liked that name. However, after we named her, we did find out that Nate's Grandpa's Aunt was named Margaret. I always liked old-sounding, strong names for both boys and girls. There were maybe 5 names that Nate and I agreed on - he wasn't always a fan of how "old-sounding" some of my favorites were.

Of course, when I was younger, I thought that it would be cool to name my kiddos after books or songs. I realized that with Margaret, we lucked out. Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart is a great song (one that we randomly heard on the radio the other day!) and what book can you think of that features Margaret? How about "Are you there, God, It's Me, Margaret" by Judy Blume. I wonder if Maggie will sneak and read it in second grade like I did? ha ha ha.

What about other famous Margarets?
Margaret Atwood, Margaret Wise Brown & Margaret Mitchell - both great authors, keeping up the literary theme :)
Margaret Mead, the anthropologist (my undergraduate major)
Peggy from Mad Men ( :) ) or Maggie from the Simpsons (there's also Marge Simpson)
Margaret March, from Little Women

Ok, I'll stop. I'm going a little too far down the Nerd Road.

Maggie's middle name, Hazel, is from my great-grandmother who passed away last year. Grandma Hazel watched my siblings and I after school and was a great storyteller :) At one time, I lobbied for the first name to be Hazel, but lost :)

I may have mentioned that we had two girl names and two boy names going into labor and delivery. The other girl name we were considering was Madeline, which our friends H&A recently named their baby girl and Nate's coworker also named their baby girl. (Both have different spellings of course). When I looked at Maggie, I thought she looked like a Maggie so that's what she was named. In light of all the Madeline's born, I wanted her to be unique :)

So Margaret Hazel it is. Even though her "official" nickname is Maggie, we have compiled quite the list of other names we call her:

Magna Doodle
Magna Carta
Pretzel (this is actually what our little neigbor, Reese, calls her. Reese is 5.)
Much to my chagrin, her uncles and aunt will call her Marge just to get a rise out of us.

What about the boy names? We're not telling those b/c what if baby #2 is a boy?? [Yes, there will someday (read: in a couple of years at LEAST) be a baby #2. Immediately after labor and delivery, I commented, "Wow, that wasn't so bad" and my doctor laughed. "That's why there are second children in the world!" was his reply. Everyone tells you that you immediately forget the pain of childbirth once you see your baby - so true!]

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maggie-kins, 10 days in

Did we really have a baby 10 days ago? Seems like she's been here for longer than that. What a whirlwind. So far, it seems to be going pretty well, but as I have been saying, the real test will come Monday when Nate goes back to work. Then I might be a little less optimistic!

With two people, it is easier to go places. In just 10 days, Maggie has been to visit Nate's office, my office, the doctor, Grandpa Doug's Store, Pa & Nana's, church and has gone out to eat for sushi, burgers and a fish fry. She also has been shopping at the mall, Target, Kohl's and the grocery store. She loves getting out of the house as much as we do. Maybe being in the car has something to do with it...we hear babies like cars. Ours is certainly no exception.

She also seems to really like going for walks. We are up to a 2 mile walk with her (but yes, I need a nap after this!). September in Wisconsin is pretty much perfect weather for being outside so I'm glad she seems to be starting out an "outside girl". Maybe it was all that running we did for the first 32 weeks!

What else does she like to do? She is pretty fond of sitting in the Boppy, particularly right away in the morning after waking up:

She seems to like hanging out in her bouncy chair. We just started putting her in there to see what she would do. Sleep and sit there.

She likes the Baby Bjorn too. We usually put her in this while we cook - no worries - whoever has the baby does not do heat cooking.

She also likes the Wii Fit. Breastfeeding was a slow start for us so I was constantly concerned that she was not gaining weight and instead of buying a baby scale, we will weigh ourselves on the wii fit and then pick her up. After our doctor appointment on Tuesday, it seems to be realatively accurate! Which means she is already over the 9.0 lb mark. Girl likes her food...Took her a few days, but something in her brain clicked and eating no longer is an issue.

She also likes music and books (Mommy's girl!!). She isn't too picky with her music. She loves all of her children's music CDs and lullabyes that we got as gifts, but in a pinch, Michael Jackson's #1 Hits does the trick too. :) She also seems to like these two black and white books that we got as gifts too. Or at least she stares at them for a while! as much as we like to think we have the perfect child, there are some things Maggie does not like. HATES in fact. They are:

1) Tummy time: She lasts about 2 minutes before a full out WAIL. She actually has really good head control (doctor's words, not ours!) so she can move her head from one side to the other but after about two times of doing that, she wants out.

2) BATHS: She hated the one in the hospital and she has hated the two we have given her since. She likes getting her hair washed - kitchen sink faucet works perfect for that! I will not post the video we took - it is almost cruel how hard she is crying in it and how much we are laughing. She did do better with bath #2 at home, although she still is not a fan.

3. DIAPER CHANGES. Girl would rather sit in piles of poo than get changed. I hope this doesn't mean she will be 10 years old before she's potty trained.

4. BEING HUNGRY. Lips smack, fists go in the mouth and then WAIL. No need trying to decipher her "feeding cues". You KNOW when she needs to eat and you better give her something PRONTO.

So that's the status on our recent "makeover". Cape Cod Makeover has taken another new direction. Stay tuned!

Sorry if you tuned in earlier - I hit "publish post" a little too early and only half of this post was posted!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor & Delivery

I wasn't really planning on telling that many people about labor and delivery but I am constantly amazed at who asks me about it and what they ask me. So, here is my experience with labor and delivery. I don't think it is too graphic but as everyone says, after you give birth, you really don't have any issues with a lot of stuff!

Friday August 27th was the first day I started having contractions. Throughout my pregnancy, I didn't really experience any Braxton-Hicks or any contractions so that day I thought, "this is it!". Little did I know that I would continue having contractions for the next week and a half. Every night, I would go to bed thinking, "Maybe tonight this will be it!" and every morning I would wake up with nothing.

Saturday September 4 was the first night they got pretty regular. Again I thought that maybe we would be going to the hospital. I made Nate take one last belly picture:

The next day, Sunday, I was still pregnant but having contractions that were stronger. Again, I made Nate take one last belly shot:

Still nothing on Monday. We sat home all day with contractions that went nowhere.

Tuesday morning I went to work. I had a doctor appointment late morning where I found out that I was dilated to 3 cm so all those contractions WERE doing something. He offered to "strip the membranes" and I said yes. I continued to have contractions for the remainder of the afternoon and left work at about 4:30. Of course when I got home, the contractions had subsided. Our friends offered us Brewers tickets to Tuesday night's game. Everyone at work told me not to go since I was technically in early labor. I felt though that I had enough of sitting around and that if I sat home, again nothing would happen.

So we went to the game. I had some contractions throughout the game but nothing terrible. We left early and got home around 9:45. I went to bed right away. At 11:30, a contraction woke me up. I opened my eyes and GUSH. My water broke! I woke Nate up, telling him that my water broke and he replied, "are you serious?!". We called the hospital and were told to come in.
This time, I made Nate take one last belly shot - FOR REAL!

I didn't have any more contractions while we got ready to go to the hospital. We called our parents and siblings and headed to the hospital. I called my boss's office voicemail to tell her I wouldn't be in in the morning. We got to the hospital and up to labor and delivery. They asked me about the color of my water and determined that there was muconium in it, which basically means that the baby pooped in it. This is very common for overdue babies. What this meant was that we were going to have a 4-person NICU team present for the birth to take the baby and suction the mouth and nose so that the baby didn't aspirate any of the muconium. I wasn't going to get to hold the baby right away. They also said that the baby likely would not cry right away and that we shouldn't be alarmed when we didn't hear a cry.

I changed into the lovely hospital gown and BAM! Contraction city. Contraction #2 would start before Contraction #1 even was over. I was not expecting this. I was expecting to have breaks and build up to the onslaught. Yeah. Lesson #53 that you should have no expectations when it comes to having a baby!

I did not have a birth plan or anything because I didn't know what to expect and wanted to just see how things went. After 3 hours of the contraction onslaught where I basically was standing hunched over the bed, I told them to bring on the epidural.

Nate could not be in the room for the placement of the epidural so the nurse was going to have to help me. It took a long time to get it in because I was basically having constant contractions but eventually it was in. AND AHHHHHHHHHH!

The heavens parted.

It was absolutely incredible how I went to being in some of the most intense pain of my life to absolutely nothing. I confirmed with the nurse that I was actually still having contractions. At that point, the nurse brought in a cot for Nate and told us to try to sleep since I would need energy for pushing and we basically hadn't slept at all. I was WAY too excited to sleep but did manage to get an hour of sleep.

At 6 AM, we were up. We decided to turn on the tv. There was a Saved by the Bell marathon on TBS. 4 episodes of Zach, Slater, Kelly and the gang. We discussed early 90s fashion with our nurse, Susie. It was hilarious. Definitely NOT how I expected to spend the time going from 8-10 cm!

Oh Mr. Belding...

At 8ish my doctor came in and announced "Happy Anniversary". (I had mentioned that at my appt the previous day). He confirmed that the baby was face down (the right way) and that I could start pushing at any time. The nurse told me that she would recommend waiting until I could NOT stand it anymore to save myself some work with pushing.

At 9:00 AM, I couldn't stand it anymore. The pressure was crazy! Susie gave Nate the instructions - she and he would take each of my legs and let me grab the backs of my thighs during pushing. After he received instructions, Nate said, "Susie what should I do if I feel like I'm going to pass out". I gave him a look and said, "really?! ALREADY?! We haven't done anything yet!". He confirmed that he felt fine but wanted to ask before things got hot and heavy. Phew!

So we started pushing. And pushing. I was worried that my epidural wouldn't allow me to feel when to push but I actually could tell when I was having a contraction because the pressure would increase so I was able to dictate when I would push, which was nice. I also did not realize that epidurals only work to a certain point and that I would feel a LOT more of the pushing that I thought. HOLY CATS. Nate was AWESOME during this whole thing - he would lift me from my shoulders to help me curl around my stomach. For some reason, mentally, I thought I had way longer to go than I truly did. Nate & Susie kept telling me the baby was right there - they got a mirror so I could see, the doctor was there, the NICU team was there - there was a party in my room but I still thought I had hours left to push. I could not get over the last bit to get her out.

My doctor suggested a pudendal block which would take over for the epidural so that I would not feel as much of the stretching. I said YES! He asked are you afraid of needles.

JESUS. Of course I am afraid of needles. I haven't been able to successfully donate blood once! He told me not to watch. I did not watch but thought the thing was over so I looked. WOW that was a HUGE NEEDLE. Nate immediately grabbed a pillow and used it to block my view.

After the block, I gave 3 more pushes and she was out! Nate immediately called, "Honey, It's a girl!!!" She not only cried upon entering the world, SHE WAILED. The doctor gave a laugh and said, "well, I guess we have nothing to worry about with her!". By protocol, the NICU team still had to check her out. So we watched and cried and I just kept saying, Oh my gosh she is so PRETTY! I finally got to hold her after about 5 minutes:

As you can see, I was pretty excited. :)

My doctor had estimated that the baby would be 7 lbs. Every med student and resident that came in during labor guessed 6 and 3/4 lbs. So when they announced 8 lbs 5 oz, the doctor literally did a double take. "Now that's a great example of good prenatal care".

And all that Shiva Rae prenatal yoga paid off - I had zero perineal tearing! I did have to have one stitch on a small tear inside my vagina. Hey, I can't really complain. I didn't have any side effects from my epidural and was up walking around shortly after.

So that's the story of how Maggie came into the world! I think it is a pretty good one, and am very happy with how everything went.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Schlotty has Arrived!

As you may have guessed from my lack of posting, Baby Schlotty arrived...on our 3rd anniversary! (No, I was not blogging from the delivery room with my anniversary post - I set it up to post in advance.)

Here she is...Margaret "Maggie" Hazel Schlotthauer

She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 20 inches long. Born at 10:21 AM.

And now I'm off to feed her...she is a beast!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Years later...

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary to US!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Cosmo Bag

This weekend I made a bag out of my new book, Amy Butler's Style Stitches.

I made the "cosmo bag", which is featured on the cover, for my brother-in-law's girlfriend for her 21st birthday. The bag is one of the "easy" bags.

The bag features lots of pockets. There are two along the outside on the sides (which would nicely hold a water bottle) and four on along the inside:

For the bag, I used Alexander Henry's Mocca Chocolate for the exterior and for the interior pockets. The handles and button are out of the linen-type fabric that I always keep on hand from Jo-Ann Fabrics and the interior lining is leftover Tres Belle Shell Blue from Anslea Aucoin's Zig Zag Quilt.

How would I rate this pattern? I definitely think it is easy, although it is time consuming. Of course, I waited until two weeks AFTER her birthday to even start it, but I would not have gotten it done in the weekend without Nate's help. There is a LOT of cutting and interfacing to do before you can even begin to sew. Once you start assembling the zillions of pieces, it takes no time at all. I am anxious to make some of the other bags in the book. And given that we are still on a countdown to Baby Schlotty, it looks like I might have some time to tackle another one.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Keeping Busy

We have been keeping busy. Wednesday night we had Grandma Esther's 85th birthday party.

That cake was YUM-MY. It was a fun time, even though I think GE was a little disappointed her first great-grandchild doesn't share a birthday with her :)

Last night, we made eggplant parmesan. Why? Old Wives' Tale that this induces labor. I'm giving the EP 24 hours before I call it a failure but so far...nothing. It was FANTASTIC though. I'm not sure that I've ever had eggplant parmesan, and I know I have never made it before. Enter BCK who gave me the cooks illustrated recipe. SO FANTASTIC. Regardless of when this baby comes, I think I'm putting this into the regular rotation.

After dinner, we went for a walk. Apparently 3 miles of walking/day isn't enough to get things going so I'm adding another walk to my daily routine. Towards the end of the walk, we started getting rained on so I attempted running home. I made it running 2 blocks but it was quite hilarious to watch, according to my husband!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We got a fun surprise last night. No, the baby did not come. But my bro-in-law, Nick, is home from FL! He had wanted to walk into the hospital room after the baby is born to surprise us, but given that he's been back since Sunday, it was getting increasingly difficult to stay under wraps so we found out last night at the Costco entrance. We were totally surprised and excited.

I have to say that I was starting to get upset with him because he had no plan to come back to see the baby, even though it seemed that he was really excited about it. "I'll probably come back around Christmas", he nonchalantly said once. Well, that only added to my shock and delight upon seeing him last night.

Now we just need that baby!