Monday, August 9, 2010

Purse Party!

I was commenting last night that it seemed that our weekend just flew by, and by July standards, it wasn't even really that busy! Friday night I had a Lill handbag party. I'm not really into those home parties (e.g. Pampered Chef) but I went with HB to a Lill party in March and it was pretty low key - no presentations or anything. I tried having one in July but the dates just were not working out. So I got an email last weekend about how August hosts get a free bag and SOLD! I am such a sucker for free stuff! I tried pulling together a pretty last minute party, which is not a great idea in summer, when everyone is busy. But 4 people showed up and it was enough for me to get the free Ellie tote:

Of course I also purchased a bag - the Grace clutch:

I don't really have any dressy purses so I wanted to get one. Well it turns out that you actually get money off for being a hostess so I actually got another Grace purse for $7! I designed one clutch using brown fabrics and one using black. So my mini impromptu party left me with 3 bags for the price of one! FUN! 3 weeks until they arrive...and 3 weeks and 1 day until my due date. Which will come first - the purses or the baby?!

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