Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday Nate and a friend went to the PGA Championship practice round at Whistling Straits. A woman that Nate works with is working at it and had free tickets that she gave to Nate - so nice! He was very excited and came home with 85 stalker pictures of professional golfers, including my favorite Phil Mickelson (pictured below in red)!

Granted, I don't know a lot about golf, except for what I have picked up from watching it with Nate. Nate has also taken me golfing a few times, and we have discovered that I totally suck so he has even tried to teach our niece a few pointers. But Phil seems like a classy guy...unlike that other golfer...he who must not be named but has initials TW. Yes, Nate had some pics of him as well, but I'm not dirtying up this blog with them.

I WAS a little nervous about him going because he told me they couldn't take cell phones onto the course. "WHAT IF I GO INTO LABOR?", I nervously screeched? He was going to go out and check the phone every few hours but his buddy and he ended up sneaking them in somehow. It didn't matter anyways - baby is still in my belly. And no, if it is a boy, we are not naming him Phil. :)

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