Monday, August 2, 2010

More Crafting

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I also gave JN her birthday present a few days early. I made her a Birdie Sling:

The material is Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room collection - the Pressed Flowers in Gold. I got over three yards of this from The Needle Shop's Remnant box the last time I visited Chicago with BCK. {BTW, the Needle Shop has a great remnant box}. The linen is one that I continually replenish from Jo-Ann Fabrics - I used it for my MIL's table runner and my mom's Birdie Sling as well. I am getting VERY good at the Birdie Sling and in fact have arranged for another barter - making my neighbor one in exchange for a baby swing. SCORE!

Speaking of babies, my post on Baby Shower #3 is coming, but I couldn't wait to share someone ELSE's crafting abilities. Remember the You Are My Sunshine lyrics that were done by Sugarboo Designs that I posted about back in May? Well it seems that my bro-in-law's GF, KR, has been reading my blog and saw it and filed it away in her pretty head. [Here again, another person that reads my blog that I was unaware of! FUN!]

She wasn't able to come to my shower yesterday, so imagine my surprise when I opened this:

HOLY SH**. Does it not look exactly like the one I wanted?!? Even the angle on the word "gray" is dead on. I was so the fact that she thought to attempt making it, and that she TOTALLY pulled it off. It totally made me well up. We have not yet hung it on the wall, but I have a spot for it front and center in the nursery. It makes me smile everytime I catch a glimpse of it and now I am crying again even thinking about it.


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heather said...

so awesome!!!! love it!