Friday, August 20, 2010

Fancy Friday Lunch!

I am a big fan of lists of all sorts, and one such list I have going is places in MKE that I would like to eat. Eddie Martini's was on that list but now I can cross it off because Nate took me out to lunch today!

It was a throwback to old school with Frank Sinatra playing on the speakers, waiters in white coats and classic wood paneling. I even ordered an Arnold Palmer. Nate contemplated ordering a Manhattan, but passed. They bring you a whole mini loaf of yummy bread to start.

I got the grilled vegetable sandwich with bleu-brie and basil aioli and Nate ordered the pretzel crusted chicken which came with THE.MOST.AMAZING.HOMEMADE.RANCH.DRESSING. Now, I HATE ranch dressing. The thought of putting it on anything makes me want to puke in my mouth, usually. But upon Nate's suggestion, i gave this a whirl. HEAVEN! It was more like a dill dip than Hidden Valley. I must have oohed and aahed over it enough b/c the waiter packed up a big container of it for us to take home. The homemade steak fries were amazing as well.

For dessert, we got the sampler platter with bread pudding (AHHHH!), banana creme brulee and profiterole (AHHHHx1000!!). Despite not really being hungry after the big meal, we ate the whole thing. I think that I gained the pound that I lost this week and then some, but it was well worth it.

The feeling of the restaurant made me think of Mad Men, which was also confirmed by Nate so it's not just me and wishful thinking about Don Draper :)

I liked that they don't rush you through your meal. "It almost feels like we are on vacation," was Nate's comment. Which he did have a vacation day and I did not so it was back to work for me!

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