Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY Baby Schlotty: Cloth Wipes

I may have mentioned before on here that we are going to try using cloth diapers. Many of my friends that use cloth diapers have been very helpful with the tips and recommendations. It seems that using cloth diapers goes hand in hand with using cloth wipes. You can buy cloth wipes at Babies R Us, through Lusa, or order some cute ones on Etsy, or really, you could just use a washcloth!, but I had a lot of leftover flannel material in cute kid prints from Schlocks so I thought that I could use that to make cloth wipes and not have to spend any money.

Nate was on cutting duty - cutting the flannel into a variety of squares. This is an excellent activity to do while watching TV. And then he would bring me stacks of squares and I would sew two of them together using an overlock stitch. SIMPLE. They are really cute and really soft!

I was glad to have something to use up this material for because it was too small for other projects.

From here, we will put them in a rubbermaid with some Lusa Baby Wipe Juice (Thanks BCK!) and then we have pre-moistened wipes all ready to go for the poop explosions. The wipes just get washed with the diapers. Less waste and less artificial fragrances used!

We'll keep you posted on how this method works for us! We may be buying the tub of wet ones soon enough.

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