Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DIY Baby Schlotty: Baby Quilt Making Day

On Sunday my mom, sister, aunts and cousins came over for female bonding time - aka baby quilt making. We started with brunch:

and then progressed to quilt making. We have done this one other time in preparation for my cousin, K's, wedding. We were making the pinwheel posies quilt. I liked this quilt because it has 3-dimensional pinwheels for the baby to grab during tummy time. My mom and sister helped me pick out gender neutral fabric that was NOT yellow or green the week prior so all we had to do is cut and sew, right?

Well, of course it is more complicated than that, but I think we managed to have some fun during the day. Here is a picture of us planning out the squares:

LM & MB were on hand to make the yo-yos that would become the centers of the pinwheels. Here my sister is giving them a tutorial in yo yo making:

1 down, 15 to go!

My cousin K & I determined that yo-yos might make excellent belly button covers for preggos:

My nana, mom and aunt JM and aunt JW were in charge of cutting and sewing the pinwheel arms. They whipped out 64 of those bad boys...with the assistance of mimosas and spotted cow :)

Sewing Central:

When you get that many women in a small house and force them to sew, there of course were some tense moments. When forcing everyone to smile for pictures didn't work...

...we played games!

1. Make the preggo pose with beer for ilicit photos:

2. Google old wives tales about determining the gender of the baby:

(Results predicted that I will have a hermaphrodite)

3. Get the wedding ring off the preggo's hand (with the assistance of some soap!) and do some voodoo witchcraft with it to determine the gender:

(Results of this test predicted I will be having a girl).

I also got some presents. This cool nightlight from my aunt JW:

some flowers in my great-grandmothers antique glass baby bottle from my nana:

some Lois Ehlert books from my aunt JI and cousins KZ & KI, and a babies R US gift card for the torture device breastpump from the gang.

OK back to sewing...since the main front was put together, most people left leaving my cousin K and my sister to help finish up the rest. Oh who I am kidding - K & I really just made my sister finish. Voila:

Close Ups:

I still have to tie and bind it but I am really loving the end product!

38 weeks today - 14 days left!

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Old MD Girl said...

Picture #10 -- You're totally channeling Samantha Ronson in that one.