Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Disaster Zone

Our house is currently a disaster zone for two big fun reasons:

1. I already commented how there is baby stuff everywhere. Nate came home with another load of stuff from his baby shower (that's #4!) they had for him at work yesterday which just added to the piles everywhere.


2. Our bathroom remodel started Monday! Every day I come home from work and rush upstairs to see the progress. So far it has been slow going. I'm sure there is a lot of behind the scenes work getting done that I have no clue about.

The first day looks like it was mainly switching out the regular window with a glass block window and cutting out the dryway around the shower.

Yesterday we came home to find the plumbing and electric done and cement wall backing put up.

Today will there be tile?!? wainscotting? Mr. Handyman said he would be done by Friday - I still have my doubts, but must admit that he is super clean - I was expecting there to be dust and junk all over our upstairs and it is all cleaned up by the time I get home each day. Mostly the mess related to this is having stuff that was located in the basement strewn over our upstairs bedrooms and bathroom supplies taking up the library room and the garage.

I'm eager for the toilet to be back in place - last night I had to journey downstairs to use the facilities and walking down stairs while you are half asleep is slighly dangerous.

Last night we went to Kopp's for ice cream...before dinner because BCK informed me the flavor was turtle sundae. How I love thee turtle sundae. They take caramel ice cream, salty pecans and chocolate sauce and swirl it together as a flavor - yummy. We ordered a double to share. The kid brought the double and I blurted out, "Is THAT a double?!". It looked so small to me. Nate was cracking up - don't get in the way of a pregnant lady and her ice cream!

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