Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bathroom Update

Here are the latest pics of the bathroom. You can basically see the new floor, the wainscotting and the shower area:

Apparently our handyman thinks he is going to finish today, which given that he pushed back to yesterday but was sick Tuesday is right what his revised end date was. After he is done, we will still have to paint, get a light fixture and install it and get some new towel bars, which will all likely happen this weekend.

Heather asked via comment if we hired a handyman and how we found him. Yes, we did hire more of this bathroom remodel out, which has been interesting. Yes, I've complained a lot about the delayed start date and pushed back end date, but the fact of the matter is a)I didn't have to lift a finger for anything re: this bathroom, which was kind of nice and b)Having it going on right now is a welcome distraction from thinking about baby. We found our handyman through referral from a woman I used to work with - it's her brother. He did some small jobs here and there for us leading up to the bathroom remodel. He is reasonably priced and does good work.

Here is our list:
Here is our bathroom list with progress updates:

1. Replace window with glass-blocked window. DONE!

2. Rip out drywall in shower area. DONE!

3. Tiling shower. DONE!

4. Installing an electric box. DONE!

5. Replace light fixture and move light fixture over. 1/2 DONE! The light fixture receptacle has been moved over.

6. Replace sink, fixtures, and install vanity and countertop, Reinstall toilet. Old sink and fixutres are outta there.

7. Install wainscotting around bathroom walls. DONE! He just needs to put up the chair rail casing on top of it.

8. Install 1/8" plywood subfloor over existing floor. DONE!

9. Tile floor. DONE!

10. Replace mirror/medicine cabinet. Doing this ourselves

11. Paint existing wood trim white. DONE!

12. Paint remaining walls a similar green color to the glass tile in the shower. I think we are doing this ourselves.

13. Replace fixtures and mixer in the shower. DONE!

14. Hang towel bars. Doing this ourselves

It will be so weird to actually have a FULL bathroom upstairs! We both have commented that we can't wait to shower in the new shower since that really didn't exist before!!


hollyburch said...

It looks great!

chacha said...

I love the green accent tiles. It's going to look so fresh and clean with all the white.

I am so ready to do my master bath already. Must finish my stupid chair and downstairs bath first!

heather said...

love it! and as i said, i am SO itching to do ours. i may bother you for your helpful handyman's contact info soon!