Friday, August 6, 2010

Bathroom Update

So it's Friday! The bathroom completion date! WRONG.

The bathroom is progressing nicely, but the estimated completion date has been moved to next Wednesday. Nate & I have it in our heads that it will be next Friday, that way if it gets moved again, we won't be disappointed. The baby will just have to hang out for another week in my belly.

Here is our bathroom list with progress updates:

1. Replace window with glass-blocked window. DONE! It looks great and the window lets a ton of light in, more so than the previous window.

2. Rip out drywall in shower area. DONE!

3. Tiling shower. DONE! Well, almost. He did the tiling yesterday and is grouting today.

4. Installing an electric box. DONE! This required more time as he had to get an electrician to upgrade the circuit.

5. Replace light fixture and move light fixture over. 1/2 DONE! The light fixture receptacle has been moved over.

6. Replace sink, fixtures, and install vanity and countertop. Old sink and fixutres are outta there.

7. Install wainscotting around bathroom walls. He had to actually re-drywall a whole wall so the re-drywall is done.

8. Install 1/8" plywood subfloor over existing floor.

9. Tile floor.

10. Replace mirror/medicine cabinet.

11. Paint existing wood trim white. I believe that we are actually doing this.

12. Paint remaining walls a similar green color to the glass tile in the shower. Same here - I think we are doing this ourselves.

13. Replace fixtures and mixer in the shower. DONE!

Most of the stuff that has been done has been the behind the scenes stuff so we were excited to come home yesterday to find the shower tiled!

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