Monday, August 16, 2010

Bathroom: DONE!

Guess what I did this morning? Took a shower in our new bathroom!!!!

It has been a whirlwind couple of days. Thursday night we got home and realized that Mr. Handyman would be done on Friday - we still had to go get a light fixture. We went to Lowe's and picked out a light fixture and some paint to match the glass tile in the shower. I am really loving the historic paint colors by Valspar. The color we picked out was Bell Grove Moss. Nate was going to just paint a bit where the light fixture and mirror were going to go so that he didn't have to worry about them when he did the painting.

He got the paint up and we realized that it looked really bad. Very limey. During the day, it looked ok with the tiles, but at night it was awful. Back to square one with the paint.

We also decided (we're still on Thursday night) to make sure the light fixture and mirror/medicine cabinet would work together so we held them up. UH OH. The medicine cabinet was ENORMOUS and looked really bad. SH**! It was like 8:15 PM. Lowe's closed at 9. We went BACK to Lowe's and looked at either getting a different light fixture (one that didn't hang down so much) or a different mirror/medicine cabinet. We did not find any options at Lowe's or Home Depot so we decided to go with the original light fixture that we liked and just have Mr. Handyman forgo the mirror. We could put that up ourselves once we found an option we liked.

Friday came and Mr. Handyman was there all day cleaning up, and finishing everything. There were two things that he did not finish but Nate told him we could do -
1) We had to stain the threshold and put it in

2) We had to put this panel back over the plumbing in the baby room closet.

Friday night we went back to Lowe's to look at towel racks and toilet paper holders. We found some that we liked and then went shopping for shower curtains. We picked up 3 different ones from Target. I was pretty sold on having a white waffle weave curtain but once we got it home, it looked really bad. BORING. We ended up returning those and going to some other places finding one that we liked at Home Goods of all places.

Saturday morning, we were back at Lowe's with the shower curtain to get paint to match. We ended up with Tempered Sage from the historic paint line by Valspar. It looked MUCH MUCH better and complemented the tile rather than matched it exactly. Nate spent Saturday night painting the ceiling.

Sunday morning, my mom, sister, aunts, nana, and cousins came over to make a baby quilt (the subject of a future post). During that, Nate sequestered himself in the bathroom to finish painting, finish putting the threshold in, putting that plumbing panel back in, hanging towel racks, etc. It was almost done!!

After everyone left, I switched out the bathroom closets from the upstairs and downstairs and we hung our towels up. Incidentally, our existing towels ended up looking good in the new bathroom so we didn't have to get new ones.

Last night at 8:00, we decided to go back to Lowe's to look at mirrors. We really just wanted the bathroom to be DONE! We pulled into the Lowe's parking lot and realized that they closed at 7. So we headed to Target since they had a couple of options online that we were interested in. There was ONE mirror at Target that we really liked and thought might work. We bought it, got it home and it is PERFECT. We didn't know if an espresso mirror, a brushed nickel mirror or a white mirror would look better - I like the espresso - I think it breaks up the white nicely.

SO at 8:45 last night, we crossed the bathroom off the list! Just in time for Mad Men.
Remember this beast from move-in day:

I present....the finished product:

I really love how serene it is. The color reminds me of those greenish hydrangeas that I also love. I told Nate (after thanking him a zillion times for all the work he did) that I think it might be my favorite room in our house! You can look at the complete photo album here.

And I would be lying if I said it were 100% done. (i know - you read all that and you're like, WHAT?!). We do have two things left:

1) Toilet paper. There really isn't a good place for a standard toilet paper roll holder. Right on the vanity/sink doesn't work b/c it is so close that it is awkward. Across the way on the wainscotting is a far reach even for monkey arms me. We may have to get one of those free standing roll holders. For right now, having the roll on the lower shelf of the vanity/sink works.

2) Picture or something for the wall space above the toilet. Again, not pressing but it is a little bare right there.

Here's where we got everything:
White shower tile: 6x6 stock white glossy tiles from Lowe's. The fact that these were stock was nice b/c the girl we got them from miscalculated and Mr. Handyman had to go back to get more. Phew!
Green glass tiles: 1x1 special order from Lowe's
Vanity, Porcelin Undermount Sink and Granite countertop and backsplash: $126 STEAL from HOBO
Towel hooks and round circular hand towel rack: Lowe's (allen + roth mitchell collection)
Wainscotting and trim: Lowe's
Floor tile: Stock white octagonal tiles from Lowe's. The fact that these were stock was nice b/c the girl we got them from miscalculated and Mr. Handyman had to go back to get more. Phew!
Shower Curtain: Home Goods
Espresso Wall Mirror: Target
Light Fixture: Lowe's
Tub: Existing
Toilet: Existing
Towels: Wedding gift - Kohl's.
Sink and Shower fixtures: Lowe's. (both were delta)
Window: I'm not sure. Mr. Handyman arranged and ordered this for us.

As you can see, we essentially bought out Lowe's for this project :) Maybe someone from Lowe's is reading my blog and loving the free advertising and wants to give me a gift card as a thank you? Maybe? Anyone? ha ha ha

If we weren't going to do it ourselves, I am very happy with how we did it (even if I did complain about the timeline). Mr. Handyman let us get all of the materials ourselves and therefore only charged us labor. Buying the materials ourselves let us shop around for good deals and use Lowe's coupons :) He did end up having to get supplies, but he gave us his receipts from Home Depot/Lowe's and we paid him the exact price - no markup. I think he did a fantastic job and am very happy with the quality of work as well.

Now that baby can come ANYDAY as far as I'm concerned!


Old MD Girl said...

Luca and I use a mini-stool next to the toilet for the TP and a stack of reading material. It may not be the classiest solution, but it sure beats contorting myself to reach the roll when I need one. We got the mini-stool at Ikea.

BrookeK said...

congrats you two! it looks amazing....what a great master bath!

heather said...

love it! good work!!!

and you'll LOVE having the bathroom all set upstairs...especially once the baby is here!

chacha said...

It's great - I love the bead board. I think I'm going to put it in my master bath when we get around to it (which really needs to be asap. [sigh]).

Great that it got finished in time for the baby!