Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Tres

Yes. I had 3 baby showers already - out of control. This would explain why when you walk into our house there is STUFF everywhere. I thought I had cleaned out enough space in a kitchen cabinet for bottles, etc but nope - The kiddo needs some more space.

Sunday afternoon Nate's aunt, SLP, and his cousin, CEP, hosted a baby shower for me for the family friends/neighbors. My mom and sister also came. The day started with some games - the first one was the one where you pass around toilet paper rolls and everyone rips off a strip that they think will be th exact measurement around you. If you want to get a sense of how big I am, rip off 10 squares of toilet paper as that is my waist circumference now. I don't even want to know that that is in inches. Then we played the left/right game. Everyone picks a prize and a story about labor and delivery of Mr. and Mrs. Right is read and when you hear the word "left" you pass the present to the person on your left and when you hear the word "right" you pass it right. I was sitting by a seven year old and she was cracking me up during this - you could tell when it was something she did and did not want. Finally, everyone was given a sheet of paper to fill out to guess the gender, first and middle name, date of arrival, weight and length of Baby Schlotty. The winner gets a necklace donated by my FIL. I was sad I couldn't enter the contest!

From there it was presents. and presents. and presents. Again people were very generous - I think the baby now has more stuff than us. We got a pack and play from Grandma E and a stroller from my MIL:

Nate's Grandma E also has been buying something for the baby each month, she has been so excited so we got a whole bag of different clothes, socks, crib sheets, bottles, etc and she knitted us a blanket! It is beautiful. My MIL also saved all of the sweaters, booties, etc that GE knitted for Nate and his brothers and she gave us a bunch of those - they are amazing and so cute! I hope Baby S doesn't ruin them! All of them have tags in them "From the knitting needles of E. S." :)

A woman that works at my FIL's store got me a piece of jewelry from the Fingerprints collection. Basically it has a tiny pendant that you given them with your baby's fingerprint and they put it on the pendant. Of course I am an idiot - she put a printout of one of the bracelets in the box and I was looking for the jewelry and then had the AHA! moment -i wouldn't be able to get the jewelry until after the baby is born since it would be quite impossible to have the fingerprint! DUH!

Another shining moment of pregnancy brain - My mom gave me this painted gourd ornament. The card with it referred to some birdhouses that the artist also makes and I was staring at it and I wondered aloud, "How is this a birdhouse"? DUH again!

We also got several cute outfits, bottles, crib sheets, hooded towels, washclothes, burp clothes, baby wash and lotion, a Bumbo, swaddlers, changing pad, toys, stuffed animals, teethers, rattles, blankets, sippy cups, etc.

After presents it was food time - Nate's Grandma W made these cute nut holders out of fleece to look like diapers. SLP had made a diaper cake. We are going to use cloth diapers so she made it out of burp cloths and washcloths instead of disposable diapers. They hung up pink and blue clothes from a clothesline - clothes that used to be either Nate's or his cousin's CEP's. Then for dessert -


All in all it was a very nice shower - with every detail meticulously thought out.
Afterwards, my MIL showed us TUBS of stuff she had saved from the boys so we have some more stuff for the nursery - including this adorable airplane mobile to hang above the crib that was Nate's or one of his brother's.

We really only need two things now - the car seat and the breast pump. We went to Babies R Us to buy the carseat last night - since they don't let you leave the hospital without it! And word has it the breast pump might be coming...

28 days until the due date!

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