Tuesday, August 24, 2010

39 weeks!

Today marks 39 weeks and we have officially stamped "DONE" on the nursery.

Come on in:

This is the view from the door. The mobile and light green quilt on the back of the crib were Nate's when he was a baby. The other two blankets were handmade by my BF CP's mom and Nate's Grandma E. You can sort of see a giant duck pillow peeking out from the crib...more on him later.

And around the room we go. To the left of the doorway, this is the view:

This features the sign that my BIL's GF made for us, as well as the start of our Martha Stewart Alphabet Clothesline. You can see the nightlight from my aunt on top of the dresser and the bouncy chair that was donated to us by one of Nate's coworkers. There is a pinocchio doll hanging from the clothes chute - another gift.

Here is the chair we reupholstered and the nightstand from Nate's college days. I bet he never figured the drawer would be filled to the max with breastfeeding supplies and books, ha ha ha. You can also spot the first of two piggy banks Baby has started. My favorite parts of this nook are the sock monkeys hanging out on the light - gifts from my mom and a co-worker. The artwork in this nook features one of our Jennifer Taylor prints and one of the prints we got aboard the Disney Cruise - baby's first vacay.

Next up: The changing table. Where all the magic happens (those of you who have ever watched MTV cribs will get it).

Not much to really say about this. The diapers, wipes are all prefolded and ready to go! And I have organized the drawers by clothing size. All clothes newborn and 0-3 months are in this changing table along with extra changing pad covers, crib sheets, blankets, sleep sacks, swaddlers and diapers. All the bigger clothes that we were handed down are in the taller dresser, organized by size. Yes - I went through nesting. The baby can come anyday.

Then the crib:

You can also see our other free Disney cruise print on the wall. I'm pretty proud of the fact that the sheet and bedskirt on the crib are from Goodwill. Target gives all of their brand-new clearance that doesn't sell to Goodwill. I love this because you can get brand-new items for super cheap and support AMAZING Goodwill. :) We have a variety of other cute crib sheets that we got as gifts too.

And Dan the Duck:

Dan the Duck was a recent gift from friends of Nate's family who also did the music for our wedding. He cracks us up. We put baskets under the crib for toy storage. We WILL train the baby to put away the toys in the baskets at the end of the day, ha ha ha.

Finally, we have a small bookshelf:

This is the elephant section of the room. The elephant humidifier, elephant bookend and knitted elephant courtesy of AH are all on this shelf along with all of the books we received as gifts, a CD player and the monitor. The shelf also features the 2nd of the two piggy banks the baby has already got going (that's what happens when dad works in a bank!) Our last Jennifer Taylor print hangs above this.

So that's that! The big nursery. We think it's fairly gender neutral, although I would say it may be more boyish. If we have a girl, I'll have to get a few girly items to spruce things up! :)


Old MD Girl said...

The baby better come in a hurry, because you have WAAAAAYYYYY too much time on your hands. ;-)

The nursery looks great, and your powers of organization truly boggle my mind.

Enjoy your last few days of freedom!

Emily said...

Looks great...and I don't think too boyish. I'm so excited for you!!

BrookeK said...

adorable! I can't believe baby Schlotty is almost here!

Nemmie said...

Looks awesome! Love all the little details - that's what makes a room great. :)

Silky Jess said...

I love it. Enjoy the pre-baby organization, because the nursery will never be so orderly again. Come on out, Baby Schlotty!