Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today marks the third anniversary of us being homeowners! To celebrate, I'm presenting you with our bathroom remodel to-do list. The bathroom remodel will make it official - after that we will have done something to every single room of this house since moving in three years ago.

We finished up the shopping list for the bathroom over the weekend. Saturday was tile day - we had to buy all the tile and supplies for the shower and floor and add them to our supply room (i.e. library piano room). We got word from our handyman, J, that he will start the project on July 19th. He anticipates it taking one week. I am anticipating it taking him 3 weeks to be on the safe side.

So, there isn't going to be a lot of DIY to this project. That's what you get when you are 7 weeks and 6 days away from your due date, you're large and in charge, hot, tired, hot, crabby and did I mention HOT? And not in the sense of "Hey she's pretty hot looking." More along the lines of "I am so hot that I am eternally sweating like a pig."

Here's the bathroom to-do list:

1. Replace window with glass-blocked window. One of the things that makes our second story bathroom unusable is the fact that it has a regular window, complete with wood trim, in the shower. (See Photo). We ordered a glass block window, which is what our downstairs bathroom has, to replace this window. Nate actually will be helping J install this on Day 1.

2. Rip out drywall in shower area. Yes, that is the other reason our current shower is unusable - it is drywalled. J will be ripping out the drywall and replacing it with durarock and tiling over that.

3. Tiling shower. We have chosen basic white glossy 6 x 6 tiles for the shower and smaller 1 x 1 green glass tiles as an accent that will be running through the top as a stripe.

4. Installing an electric box. Currently, the only outlet that exists in this bathroom is on the light fixture. So I plug my hair dryer into the light and turn the light on to get it to run. We will be putting one in a more normal location.

5. Replace light fixture.

6. Replace sink, fixtures, and install vanity and countertop. Our current situation is a basic sink - no vanity (See Photo).

7. Install wainscotting around bathroom walls.

8. Install 1/8" plywood subfloor over existing floor.

9. Tile floor. We have selected a white tile for the floor. It's like the non-black portion of this picture:

10. Replace mirror/medicine cabinet.

11. Paint existing wood trim white.

12. Paint remaining walls a similar green color to the glass tile in the shower.

13. Replace fixtures and mixer in the shower.

I think that might be it. We are keeping our existing tub since it is a quality ceramic tub and our existing toilet. The layout of the bathroom is not changing either. Once upon a time we had thought about expanding the size of this bathroom, but we ran into multiple issues with that idea and have nixed it.

It will be nice to have a more functional bathroom on the upper level. That is where both our room and the baby room is. Currently the bathroom is used for multiple trips to the bathroom during the night (by me) and I finish getting ready in this bathroom after showering downstairs while Nate showers downstairs. Two usable showers will definitely be an Upgrade!

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chacha said...

You might consider replacing the toilet only for the sake of water usage. It looks like yours is probably be 1994-ish which means it uses like 3 gallons per flush. New ones are required to be 1.6 or less - ours are 1.2 or something like that and work great :o) Some states still offer rebates to replace the old ones.

But I understand leaving it too since it's kind of unnecessary - ain't broke don't fix it.