Friday, July 23, 2010

Cake Decorating Class #3

Wednesday night was our third cake decorating class. This week we were supposed to bring six cupcakes, assorted colors of icing and something to fill the cupcakes with. I did not bring something to fill the cupcakes with because I'm not the biggest fan of filled items so I watched while others pumped their cakes full of raspberry, strawberry, caramel, and lemon fillings. I was excited about the cupcake class because I tend to make cupcakes more so than cake. We learned how to make a two different kinds of flowers and leaves. I have to say, my shaggy mum flower may look more like some crazy character from sesame street but I am pretty good at leaves! Don't be surprised if I show up with cupcakes full of leaves to a party someday.

I don't know if it is the hot small room, the fact that I am increasingly getting bigger or nerves but I turned into a bull in a china shop at the class. It takes all of 39 seconds for me to be covered in icing, dropping stuff everywhere and having to SQUEEZE my way to the front to get paper towel to clean something up. I was so focused on making a flower this week that I didn't notice that my piping bag was too full and a huge glob of bright yellow icing flopped to the floor. Crisco + Floor = Slippery mess.

I didn't take any pictures of my cupcakes. They weren't awful but the container that I brought them in was not deep enough and all of my shaggy mums got smushed when it was time to leave. I wasn't about to get crisco all over my car just to keep the mums intact.

Next week - we have to bake and ice another cake for our last class. We are going to learn to make roses as well as do lettering. Stay Tuned - it oughta be good :)

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