Friday, July 9, 2010

Bourdain, Wisconsin, Monday

I haven't posted about Anthony Bourdain since April 7.

Break's over, people!

FINALLY, one of his episodes will feature Wisconsin and no just Wisconsin, but MKE and the surrounding area. WOOT!

When we went to see Bourdain at The Riverside last January, someone asked him when our great state would be on No Reservations. He coyly responded that they did some filming while he was there. Well, Monday's episode (July 19th) will contain that filming! Nate & I had a hunch it might be then while watching the season premiere last week because the previews mentioned "the Heartland". A quick check of the No Reservations website, and indeed, the Heartland includes Wisco.

Here's where he goes:
Strauss Veal
Sprecher Beer
Solly's Grille
The Spice House - awesome!
Larry's Deer Market

Tune in Monday night!

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BCK said...

he kind of zipped through the MKE section of the episode, but it was fun none the less (is that one word? haha).