Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Uno

Sunday my 3 best friends (shown above) organized a baby shower for some of my girlfriends. It was a fun day and we got TONS of fun stuff for Baby Schlotty. I loved the whole day. There was only one game, and it still allowed people to socialize and mingle. (You get a diaper pin and anytime you hear the word "baby" you can take the diaper pin away. The person with the most, wins. Congrats CD for winning...and thank you for giving me your plant!) The food was great and the AC was on :)

The other fun thing that my friends did is take a picture of me with every woman there and then had them write some parenting advice on a card for us. They are making a scrapbook out of these. I CANNOT WAIT to get this - we actually did this for our wedding and Nate & I had so much fun reading all of the cards the next day.

So...presents! I am not going to be able to catalogue every present. I'm going to start with the handmade stuff as you know how much I love this stuff.

Elefante & Booties. My friend AH knitted this elephant and booties. It is amazing - she has a whole bunch of pictures, including with her kiddos, as well as the pattern for the elephant on her blog.

It now is hanging out on the bookshelf - it matches the decor perfectly!

And how cute are these little booties?!

My friend and co-host CP gave me this awesome onesie:

So SHE didn't make this but someone on etsy did. I can hardly wait to wear my I HEART BRUCE shirt and hold Baby Schlotty wearing this. You KNOW that is going to happen. :)

CP's mom also crocheted this beautiful blanket for us:

I think I alluded to the cute Peruvian sweater my sister bought for us when she was trekking through Peru earlier this summer. Here it is:

And finally, my friend JT gave us a copy of her children's book, Frankie Works the Night Shift - she did all of the illustrations - and a framed print that she made. Appropriately, it is a little pup in a highchair.

Photo Source: JT's Website - she has tons of prints for sale!

Another thing that everyone did is bring a book for the baby. His/Her bookshelf is now packed with goodies:

In all of that, we only got one repeated title - The Going To Bed Book - we have 3 copies. This must be a bestseller for the junior set! I will have to get Baby Schlotty hooked up to a Goodreads profile, ha ha ha.

One of the things I really thought was cool was that everyone who had babies, or who had access to babies (e.g. niece, nephew) gave us something that really worked for them. As in - oh my baby really liked this or we used tons of this. Love it! One of the best examples of this is my friend HB who gave us an Angel Dear blanket b/c her son Alex LOVES all of his. (One of my favorite pictures of Alex is him watching the blankets get clean on HB's blog.)

JT also gave us a pair and a spare of these b/c as a kid she always misplaced her blankets and would howl for them. (I did not have a blankie, but I keenly remember my sister's infatuation with hers and how awful it would be if we left it at the babysitter's house.)

Another fun thing we got was a mini sock monkey from my mom. Early on in my pregnancy I told my mom that a sock monkey was on my list of things to craft. Yeah...likely not going to happen so she bought me one instead. It has little magnets on it so I thought it was cute on the lamp. (My co-worker gave me another one at my work shower...details forthcoming).

My friends also invited the two grandmas-to-be. My mom brought my niece with her who was so excited to give me their gift: a Radio Flyer wagon! "Now you can take me to the park when I come to your house" was my nieces response. Ha ha ha.

My MIL gave us baby gates for our stairs and a plethora of books - including one of my favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Nate was totally excited about all the stuff. My husband might be the only man who actually WANTS to go to baby showers. He was particularly excited about the diaper bag, given to us by JH, which he picked out and wanted.

He just couldn't believe how generous everyone was!

We are going to try using cloth diapers. CD got us two of the new, hot of the press Bum Genius 4.0 cloth diapers - they were only released a week ago! Baby S is already a trendsetter, ha ha ha.

Onesies, bottles, diaper rash cream, crib sheets, mattress pads, Sofie the Giraffe, bathtub, dehumidifier, baby monitor, baby jungle gym, the Snap-N-Go, Miracle blankets, swaddlers, sippy cups, breast pads, freezer food trays, pump steam bags...I think we probably are more than ready for this baby to arrive!


Ali said...

SO MUCH FUN! Baby schlotty is already so blessed

heather said...

Love all the cool handmade stuff! You have talented friends. The Bruce onesie is awesome! Also, I was cracking up as I just posted this morning about a baby blanket I finished for my nephew. It was my first attempt and ended up a little wonky, but oh well! Well, the one you got is the good version of that same blanket! :-)

Oh and the Going to Bed book is a big hit in this house for sure. If you can exchange them, get a couple different Boynton books. They are all super popular here, but Barnyard Dance is another fav!

Silky Jess said...

I read the Going to Bed Book to Zoe every night now. It's funny, because Ella remembers it from when (oh so long ago) she was little and says "Rock and rock and rock to sleep" when I have it out. Baby Schlotty is going to love all the homemade stuff!