Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Dos

The people I work with got together and threw me a baby shower on Wednesday. My boss hosted it at her house because she "couldn't take another lame office party". NICE! Double bonus that it was during work hours! Everyone bought a dish to pass so we had a great breakfast with two different kinds of quiche, fruit, coffee cake, bars, sparkling juice and amazing coffee. They also got a four layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing from Simmas that said "Welcome Baby Schlotty". It was heavenly and we have been enjoying leftovers with vanilla ice cream ever since. (And Yes, there were a few jokes re: that cake and my cake decorating class). I didn't bring my camera so no pics unfortunately.

Our center director was the only male that was able to make it and he made homemade bread for it. He told me today that he is making us a homemade loaf of bread every month for the next 9 months. How sweet is that?!

After he left, I opened presents! Three of the six women there have children so I got a lot of gifts for breastfeeding - a hands-free pump holder thing (looks like an ace bandage that you strap around yourself and your breast pump into, nipple cream, and Lily Padz. I think this is a result of many laughs we have had around the office re: leaky breasts. We also got more books, a few little toys, a baby food cookbook, baby food freezer trays and a big target gift card from everyone. My friend, BCK, who introduced me to Lusa a few years ago got us the baby soap and baby wipe juice! I can't wait to DIY baby wipes now! Some co-workers were not able to come to the actual shower so I got gifts throughout the day. This cute sock monkey onesie and hat along with a mini sock monkey (similar to the one my mom gave me) and this beautiful book ;

Another person got me a bright orange canvas pin and lime green piggy bank which look great in the room along with various bibs, washclothes, dishwasher bins, rubber duckies...crazy how generous people are!

I work with some pretty great people!!

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BCK said...

that homemade bread for nine months might be the best gift yet! :) LOVE the sock monkey onesie and hat!