Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Schlotty's Room: Update

We started off the weekend with a bunch of home improvements. The ceiling fan in the baby's room worked fine but we have been looking for an upgrade for a while. We did not like the light fixture portion of the fan, and it hung down kind of low from the ceiling. This was in the category of "if we find a good price on one and we have time, we'll do it". Well, since the room has basically been done for 18 weeks now, we had some time :).

We had looked at Lowe's and HOBO with no luck. Friday night we journeyed to Menard's with no luck. However, at Home Depot, we found a winner. And it was in the NLP category - "NEW LOWER PRICE". Music to our ears. We bought it and started the install.
Nate was excited that the project "required" the use of this weirdo attachment to his screwdriver:

The install went well - this wasn't our first ceiling fan. And better yet, when we were done, both the fan and the light worked! ha ha ha

We also framed two prints that we got (for free) on the Disney Cruise we went on at the beginning of the year. The frames were a STEAL at Jo-Ann Fabrics - 70% off of the reg price of 19.99. So for $12, we got two cute prints for the room.

So that was our Friday night, followed by Rummy, Scrabble, Lady Gaga on VH1, popcorn and The Soup. Not a bad way to kick off the holiday weekend!

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