Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ATL Girls Do Wisco!

This past weekend was another busy one - two of my best girlfriends came to visit from Atlanta! AH & CD arrived on Saturday at noon. We grabbed some food at Cafe Hollander before doing some shopping in Tosa Village.

Nate provided a tour of the surrounding area and then we went back to our house for some girl talk (Nate said sayonara for the evening and went to stay at the lake). It was time to live it up - mama style. We talked for hours and then headed to Hotel Metro for a subpar dinner. I was disappointed with the food and the service, which stinks because we have had some good meals there. No matter - the people watching was fantastic. I kept thinking, "Am I getting old?!" when watching some of the outfits that walked past.

After dinner, I took them to The Wicked Hop where they could experience their first Bloody Marys. A lengthy discussion of cheese followed :)

The next day we were off to a baby shower that my BFs organized (more on that later). En route, we learned that our other ATL friend, MB, had her baby!! A little girl named Anslea. It sort of freaked me out because MB was due 8/4 - like holy cats I'm going to have a baby too soon.

The trip ended too soon and I burst out in tears when dropping them off at the airport. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the lens setting on my camera and it was on manual and thus out of focus so our departing shot is way blurry.

It was great to have them here and I'm sure I exhausted them with endless questions about giving birth, pumping and raising kiddos.

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Ali said...

Wow. Those girls are hot. :)

It was a BLAST! we all burst into tears at the airport. :(

I think the blurry camera is kind of fitting given we all had blurry eyes! What a sensitive camera you have--it also got teary eyed at our departure.

Next stop. Winnebago trip!

Miss you...