Thursday, July 29, 2010

AMAZING Find: Another DIY Baby Schlotty

I mentioned that my mom and I refinished a high chair earlier this summer that she found at Goodwill. Goodwill is having a contest for "Amazing Finds" where you can win a 4-pack of tickets to state fair AND a parking pass. I'm hoping this project wins b/c Nate-O & I love state fair.

Here are the before pics:

You can see it was totally beat up. My mom scraped the old stain off using wood stripper and then we took it to Tom at True Value in FDL along with our table leaf to get a stain that would match. I stained it in her driveway and then Nate-O put a few coats of polyurethane on it. There are a few finishing touches that need to occur. The old straps were totally nasty so I picked up some new ones at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I also have found a bunch of tutorials to make a cute pad out of laminated cotton or oilcloth for it. Since Baby Schlotty won't actually be using this for a few months, I have some time to get this done (famous last words!). Here is the after:

Fingers crossed that we win the contest!


Tara said...

Amy- it looks fantastic! You did a great job with this. Annnnd the nursery is so unbelievable cute. Your kiddo is going to be surrounded by such cuteness! :)

btw- I am glad that you decided to keep blogging; it is fun to see what you are up to!

BrookeK said...

beautiful! great job!

Amy Badler said...

Alison has the same highchair at my parents house. Although ours resembles the before and not the after...maybe something for us to work on. =) Looks great! My mom also bought a highchair pad off of etsy that fits it really well in case you run out of time to DIY it!