Friday, July 30, 2010

Date Night!

We are winding down...4 weeks and 4 days left until my due date (and babies ALWAYS come on their due date, right?!). Nate & I decided we better maximize our date nights since we likely won't be getting any for a while.

Last night we headed to Mayura Indian Restaurant. We have been watching The Next Food Network Star because Nate went to high school with one of the contestants (Aria). One of the other contestants, Aarti, is Indian and I really think that she will win, particularly because the Food Network does not currently have any Indian cooking in their repetoire. So we have been commenting on the fact that we rarely eat Indian food, although we like it. THEN Anthony Bourdain was in India on Monday night. That sealed the deal - we were going out for Indian. Mayura was yummy!

After Mayura, we had tickets to see Wicked. I love Wicked. I was a little down that Elphaba was going to be played by the understudy but wowsa did she prove me wrong. That woman could wail. I always get chills during Defying Gravity. On the way home, Nate asked if he we had the CD in the car. "No, but I could sing you the songs" was my reply. I'm sure he (and Baby Schlotty) loved the serenade. If Baby Schlotty comes out green, I may have to name him/her Elphaba, ha ha ha :)

Recent Crafting

I mentioned that MANY of my friends are currently pregnant. One of them, HC, is due a mere 21 days after me. I went to her baby shower last weekend and as is custom for me lately, only part of my gift was handmade. I am not a knitter extraordinaire like AH, but I managed to finish this baby hat for Baby C.

It was my second time knitting a baby hat and it definitely went smoother than the first, but I'm sure there are a few mistakes in there. The yarn I used was a very soft organic yarn which meant that it was thicker in places and thinner in others. It made the texture sort of look lumpy, particularly on the brim. I hear babies don't really care about these things anyway :) The jury's still out on me and knitting. It seems to take me SO LONG to finish one project. I am still working on that ruffle scarf, over a year later.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

AMAZING Find: Another DIY Baby Schlotty

I mentioned that my mom and I refinished a high chair earlier this summer that she found at Goodwill. Goodwill is having a contest for "Amazing Finds" where you can win a 4-pack of tickets to state fair AND a parking pass. I'm hoping this project wins b/c Nate-O & I love state fair.

Here are the before pics:

You can see it was totally beat up. My mom scraped the old stain off using wood stripper and then we took it to Tom at True Value in FDL along with our table leaf to get a stain that would match. I stained it in her driveway and then Nate-O put a few coats of polyurethane on it. There are a few finishing touches that need to occur. The old straps were totally nasty so I picked up some new ones at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I also have found a bunch of tutorials to make a cute pad out of laminated cotton or oilcloth for it. Since Baby Schlotty won't actually be using this for a few months, I have some time to get this done (famous last words!). Here is the after:

Fingers crossed that we win the contest!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I may have mentioned that my in-laws bid on and won a package from Hawks Nursery that is good for 10 hours of landscape design at an American Cancer Society event. They gave it to us as a gift. I was very excited about this because landscaping is not my forte and there is a lot about our yard that I am not a fan of but don't really know how to change it. We had our appointment with Tom set for last Thursday.

ENTER MONSOON. Our appointment was for 6 PM. At 5 PM, I got a call from Nate at work telling me that the weather is crazy and that I might want to get home. It was fine here (we work about 35 miles away from each other) so I sort of thought he was crazy. I got home and the sky was noticeably darker. It started pouring rain about 5:30. Tom called to reschedule. Nate made it home TWO HOURS later - the streets were so flooded that he couldn't find a street to get home! He said it was the worst weather he has ever driven in. Luckily, we had no issues with flooding in our basement or anything. Others in the area were not so lucky.

So, Tom came last night to survey our yard. Nate & I commented afterwards that we felt like we were on one of those HGTV shows. He was throwing out advice left and right and came up with a lot of ideas just looking at things. I was in love with every single one of them. Now he comes back to measure everything and gives us a total landscape plan. Our plan from there is to work on completing the plan over the next few years as time and budget allows. This was a great gift as it allows someone to plan things for us, something that is definitely out of our league, but we can DIY from there.

As usual, we'll keep you "posted" on the developments!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap: TV, TV, TV

I recently developed sciatic nerve pain in my right butt cheek. This is a common pregnancy complaint, particularly in the late 3rd trimester so I wasn't too surprised. However, I think that this may have worsened because I literally sat on my a** for the majority of the weekend watching TV. First, I had to finish True Blood season 1 so that I could take it back to the library today. Then I also succumbed and started the second season of Gossip Girl. My TV weekend culminated in the season premiere of Mad Men last night!'s good to have some Don Draper back in my life even if he does enjoy getting slapped around ;)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Dos

The people I work with got together and threw me a baby shower on Wednesday. My boss hosted it at her house because she "couldn't take another lame office party". NICE! Double bonus that it was during work hours! Everyone bought a dish to pass so we had a great breakfast with two different kinds of quiche, fruit, coffee cake, bars, sparkling juice and amazing coffee. They also got a four layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing from Simmas that said "Welcome Baby Schlotty". It was heavenly and we have been enjoying leftovers with vanilla ice cream ever since. (And Yes, there were a few jokes re: that cake and my cake decorating class). I didn't bring my camera so no pics unfortunately.

Our center director was the only male that was able to make it and he made homemade bread for it. He told me today that he is making us a homemade loaf of bread every month for the next 9 months. How sweet is that?!

After he left, I opened presents! Three of the six women there have children so I got a lot of gifts for breastfeeding - a hands-free pump holder thing (looks like an ace bandage that you strap around yourself and your breast pump into, nipple cream, and Lily Padz. I think this is a result of many laughs we have had around the office re: leaky breasts. We also got more books, a few little toys, a baby food cookbook, baby food freezer trays and a big target gift card from everyone. My friend, BCK, who introduced me to Lusa a few years ago got us the baby soap and baby wipe juice! I can't wait to DIY baby wipes now! Some co-workers were not able to come to the actual shower so I got gifts throughout the day. This cute sock monkey onesie and hat along with a mini sock monkey (similar to the one my mom gave me) and this beautiful book ;

Another person got me a bright orange canvas pin and lime green piggy bank which look great in the room along with various bibs, washclothes, dishwasher bins, rubber duckies...crazy how generous people are!

I work with some pretty great people!!

Cake Decorating Class #3

Wednesday night was our third cake decorating class. This week we were supposed to bring six cupcakes, assorted colors of icing and something to fill the cupcakes with. I did not bring something to fill the cupcakes with because I'm not the biggest fan of filled items so I watched while others pumped their cakes full of raspberry, strawberry, caramel, and lemon fillings. I was excited about the cupcake class because I tend to make cupcakes more so than cake. We learned how to make a two different kinds of flowers and leaves. I have to say, my shaggy mum flower may look more like some crazy character from sesame street but I am pretty good at leaves! Don't be surprised if I show up with cupcakes full of leaves to a party someday.

I don't know if it is the hot small room, the fact that I am increasingly getting bigger or nerves but I turned into a bull in a china shop at the class. It takes all of 39 seconds for me to be covered in icing, dropping stuff everywhere and having to SQUEEZE my way to the front to get paper towel to clean something up. I was so focused on making a flower this week that I didn't notice that my piping bag was too full and a huge glob of bright yellow icing flopped to the floor. Crisco + Floor = Slippery mess.

I didn't take any pictures of my cupcakes. They weren't awful but the container that I brought them in was not deep enough and all of my shaggy mums got smushed when it was time to leave. I wasn't about to get crisco all over my car just to keep the mums intact.

Next week - we have to bake and ice another cake for our last class. We are going to learn to make roses as well as do lettering. Stay Tuned - it oughta be good :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Uno

Sunday my 3 best friends (shown above) organized a baby shower for some of my girlfriends. It was a fun day and we got TONS of fun stuff for Baby Schlotty. I loved the whole day. There was only one game, and it still allowed people to socialize and mingle. (You get a diaper pin and anytime you hear the word "baby" you can take the diaper pin away. The person with the most, wins. Congrats CD for winning...and thank you for giving me your plant!) The food was great and the AC was on :)

The other fun thing that my friends did is take a picture of me with every woman there and then had them write some parenting advice on a card for us. They are making a scrapbook out of these. I CANNOT WAIT to get this - we actually did this for our wedding and Nate & I had so much fun reading all of the cards the next day.

So...presents! I am not going to be able to catalogue every present. I'm going to start with the handmade stuff as you know how much I love this stuff.

Elefante & Booties. My friend AH knitted this elephant and booties. It is amazing - she has a whole bunch of pictures, including with her kiddos, as well as the pattern for the elephant on her blog.

It now is hanging out on the bookshelf - it matches the decor perfectly!

And how cute are these little booties?!

My friend and co-host CP gave me this awesome onesie:

So SHE didn't make this but someone on etsy did. I can hardly wait to wear my I HEART BRUCE shirt and hold Baby Schlotty wearing this. You KNOW that is going to happen. :)

CP's mom also crocheted this beautiful blanket for us:

I think I alluded to the cute Peruvian sweater my sister bought for us when she was trekking through Peru earlier this summer. Here it is:

And finally, my friend JT gave us a copy of her children's book, Frankie Works the Night Shift - she did all of the illustrations - and a framed print that she made. Appropriately, it is a little pup in a highchair.

Photo Source: JT's Website - she has tons of prints for sale!

Another thing that everyone did is bring a book for the baby. His/Her bookshelf is now packed with goodies:

In all of that, we only got one repeated title - The Going To Bed Book - we have 3 copies. This must be a bestseller for the junior set! I will have to get Baby Schlotty hooked up to a Goodreads profile, ha ha ha.

One of the things I really thought was cool was that everyone who had babies, or who had access to babies (e.g. niece, nephew) gave us something that really worked for them. As in - oh my baby really liked this or we used tons of this. Love it! One of the best examples of this is my friend HB who gave us an Angel Dear blanket b/c her son Alex LOVES all of his. (One of my favorite pictures of Alex is him watching the blankets get clean on HB's blog.)

JT also gave us a pair and a spare of these b/c as a kid she always misplaced her blankets and would howl for them. (I did not have a blankie, but I keenly remember my sister's infatuation with hers and how awful it would be if we left it at the babysitter's house.)

Another fun thing we got was a mini sock monkey from my mom. Early on in my pregnancy I told my mom that a sock monkey was on my list of things to craft. Yeah...likely not going to happen so she bought me one instead. It has little magnets on it so I thought it was cute on the lamp. (My co-worker gave me another one at my work shower...details forthcoming).

My friends also invited the two grandmas-to-be. My mom brought my niece with her who was so excited to give me their gift: a Radio Flyer wagon! "Now you can take me to the park when I come to your house" was my nieces response. Ha ha ha.

My MIL gave us baby gates for our stairs and a plethora of books - including one of my favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Nate was totally excited about all the stuff. My husband might be the only man who actually WANTS to go to baby showers. He was particularly excited about the diaper bag, given to us by JH, which he picked out and wanted.

He just couldn't believe how generous everyone was!

We are going to try using cloth diapers. CD got us two of the new, hot of the press Bum Genius 4.0 cloth diapers - they were only released a week ago! Baby S is already a trendsetter, ha ha ha.

Onesies, bottles, diaper rash cream, crib sheets, mattress pads, Sofie the Giraffe, bathtub, dehumidifier, baby monitor, baby jungle gym, the Snap-N-Go, Miracle blankets, swaddlers, sippy cups, breast pads, freezer food trays, pump steam bags...I think we probably are more than ready for this baby to arrive!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ATL Girls Do Wisco!

This past weekend was another busy one - two of my best girlfriends came to visit from Atlanta! AH & CD arrived on Saturday at noon. We grabbed some food at Cafe Hollander before doing some shopping in Tosa Village.

Nate provided a tour of the surrounding area and then we went back to our house for some girl talk (Nate said sayonara for the evening and went to stay at the lake). It was time to live it up - mama style. We talked for hours and then headed to Hotel Metro for a subpar dinner. I was disappointed with the food and the service, which stinks because we have had some good meals there. No matter - the people watching was fantastic. I kept thinking, "Am I getting old?!" when watching some of the outfits that walked past.

After dinner, I took them to The Wicked Hop where they could experience their first Bloody Marys. A lengthy discussion of cheese followed :)

The next day we were off to a baby shower that my BFs organized (more on that later). En route, we learned that our other ATL friend, MB, had her baby!! A little girl named Anslea. It sort of freaked me out because MB was due 8/4 - like holy cats I'm going to have a baby too soon.

The trip ended too soon and I burst out in tears when dropping them off at the airport. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the lens setting on my camera and it was on manual and thus out of focus so our departing shot is way blurry.

It was great to have them here and I'm sure I exhausted them with endless questions about giving birth, pumping and raising kiddos.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Reveal

So here is my cake:

We had to make that ugly cupcake design so I was stuck doing that. Definitely not as pretty as Holly's.

We had the in-laws and friends of the family, the S's, over for cake and ice cream last night to celebrate my MIL's birthday. I forewarned everyone about the cake. The funniest thing is that it completely matched my MIL's outfit. We took a picture of it but it is on JS's camera. We didn't even plan to color coordinate, ha ha ha!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


My niece's dog died last week. She was not too upset about it apparently and immediately wanted to know if they could get a puppy now.

Here is Hoot - the newest dog in the family. How cute is he?!

RIP Frasier :(

Cake Decorating Class #2

Here is a tip from me to you:

Cake decorating class may SEEM like a fun idea, but it might not be a bad thing to pass up if you are 8 mos pregnant.

I had a pretty decent night's sleep last night (with the assistance of some benedryl) so I can laugh today about the cake nightmares.

Last night was class #2. You may recall that we had to bake a cake, ice it and bring it to class. So..Tuesday night, I got out all of my ingredients to make sure they were brought up to room temperature, blasted the air conditioning (b/c our kitchen gets really hot with use of the oven) and set out to make a cake. I used a new recipe - the All Purpose Chocolate Cake from America's Test Kitchen's Family Cookbook. Our instructor gave us advance notice that class #3 would require 6 cupcakes so I was going to make those and freeze them as well.

I made a 9 in round cake and 18 cupcakes. The cake turned out great - I followed the tips from last week and did not have a dome on my cake or anything! I tested a cupcake and it was yummy. Score!

I was really tired from all of the baking so I thought, hey, I'll make the icing and ice my cake before class tomorrow night. BAD idea. BAD.

The icing recipe that is recommended to use requires the use of shortening. GROSS. I am SO much a butter girl. But butter will not get stiff enough so shortening it is. I got out of work late yesterday and race home to get going on the icing. I had exactly one hour to make the icing, ice the cake and get to class. I scooped out the shortening, combined it with the powdered sugar, vanilla and water and...wait. I forgot to get meringue powder. Well, we're going to do it without it.

The first batch of icing went on my cake. Of the Wilton 3 Keys to Successful Cake Decorating, icing consistency is the first key. If you don't get that right, it's all downhill. Yep. I didn't get it right. Rule #439 of icing is to NEVER TOUCH THE CAKE while icing. Broke this rule and my icing was not thin enough - hence cake crumbs are littered throughout the icing. I thinned it out a bit for the sides but it was looking rough.

Next you have to smooth the icing out so that it has no lines. One trick our instructor taught us was to use a piece of parchment paper to smooth out the icing. Well, I did NOT turn the AC up when i got home so my icing was melting. I SHOULD have put the iced cake in the fridge for a bit but I was in a rush so I slapped that parchment paper right on top of it...and proceeded to pull off half the icing.

ARGH!!!!!!!! (Did I mention I was sweating by this point?!)

Tossed the cake in the fridge and decided to try the OTHER trick - putting the spatula in hot water. That worked pretty well although it was by no means perfect.

Now that the cake was iced, I had to make more of the grease for the decorating part. In goes more shortening and powdered sugar. I highly recommend buying Dawn dishwashing detergent to wash your icing dishes - it cuts the grease!

Nate-O got home and asked if I was excited for class. I totally started crying. OVER STUPID CAKE! He was very nice and commented that he thought my cake looked pretty good. I responded, "Screw it! Our kids will not be getting homemade cakes. I am going to the f-ing bakery". {Oh the irrationality of a pregnant woman!}

I pulled it together to get to class on time. My friend Holly and her neighbor, Amber were already there and saved me a seat - so nice! We started class learning a variety of shapes. It turns out the second key to success is pressure control. I have none. Ok, that's a lie. Some shapes I'm pretty good at, just don't ask me to do a rosette or a shell.

After that, Holly loaned me her Wilton gel colors to dye my frosting for the cake decorating. I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I chose yellow and moss green. Everyone else had really pretty colors and mine was totally the grossest color combo ever. Amber mentioned that it was a "gender neutral cake". That made me laugh.

We had to make this cupcake cake because we were practicing gel transfers. Basically you buy this piping gel, dye it and trace a shape on parchment paper with the gel and turn the paper over onto your cake and you are left with the image. Thankfully Amber had the piping gel because I did not buy it. Once your image is on the cake, you have to fill it in with the icing. You can still see my piping gel outline on my cake. All in all it is an ok cake. I was pretty proud of my yellow flowers with green centers, but my cupcake just looks gross.

During class, I also got icing all over myself - shirt and pants (here's hoping Crisco comes out in the wash) and put a dent in Amber's cake. For REAL. She was totally nice about it though but I felt like everything I touched yesterday was a wreck!

And now the best part - I totally opened my big mouth a couple days ago and told Nate that I could supply the cake for my MIL's birthday celebration tonight. Hopefully no one is turned off by the moss green (aka moldy) cupcake decoration!

I have to admit typing this whole thing out did make me laugh a couple of times. Such a comedy of errors. Hopefully next week's cupcakes go a little smoother!

Update: You can see Holly's cake here to get an idea of the design.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minor Annoyances

This week has been a little rough. I feel like I am transforming into that wackadoo bitchy pregnant woman.

1. The heat. It is so freakin' hot everywhere I go. I now understand all those people who gave me sympathetic looks when I mentioned I was due at the end of August. Holy balls it's hot.

2. My haircut. I got my haircut last night. My hair has been growing like a weed but I was trying to hold out so that I wouldn't have to get another one around the time I am due. I couldn't stand it anymore and made an appointment yesterday morning. I was going to Kacie at this salon downtown but she stopped cutting hair and recommended Courtney at the same salon. I had my haircut 8 weeks ago by Courtney and thought she did a fine job. Went back to Courtney yesterday and my hair is now uneven. I don't have time to get this fixed until Saturday morning so I now will spend the next 3 days with uneven hair that will no doubt annoy me more and more as time goes on. This is the THIRD time (and the THIRD stylist) that my hair has been cut uneven since I moved to MKE 3 years ago. One of the stylists being the hair show guy that did stuff for Vogue for crying out loud. I am ready to pack my bags and go to Cost Cutters because apparently the "nice" salons aren't cutting it (pun intended).

I am not even that picky about my hair. Yesterday I just asked for a trim because i was thinking about growing it out some. I did not get a trim, I got a whole new style - one half of my head is really layered and short and the other half is long. WTF. So now I will be reduced to getting it cut really short to even it out and thus the plans for the grow out are set back.

3. I'm tired. 26 weeks of insomnia has finally reached a boiling point. I cannot take it anymore. And don't even THINK about telling me, "well, at least you will be all prepared for not getting sleep when the baby comes". Anyone who says this to me will be getting a phone call at 3 AM the next time I am awake.

4. The bathroom remodel is now pushed back to 8/1. REALLY? REALLY?!!? I seem to remember meeting with Mr. Handyman back in MARCH and saying, "I don't care when you do the bathroom in the next months, but I would like it done by August." Maybe he interpreted that incorrectly?! Baby S better not have any ideas of coming early.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amy's Secret

It was my friend BLK's 30th birthday yesterday so I whipped up this summer nightie from the book One Yard Wonders. It was an easy project - this book has lots of good, basic patterns that are quick and easy and only take, you guessed it, one yard of material.

I really love this material - it is a very lightweight cotton that reminds me of a vintage sheet. I don't remember where I got it from. The selvedge says Robert Kaufman 5965. Nate said I could open up a lingerie shop a la Victoria's Secret - Amy's Secret, ha ha ha.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bourdain, Wisconsin, Monday

I haven't posted about Anthony Bourdain since April 7.

Break's over, people!

FINALLY, one of his episodes will feature Wisconsin and no just Wisconsin, but MKE and the surrounding area. WOOT!

When we went to see Bourdain at The Riverside last January, someone asked him when our great state would be on No Reservations. He coyly responded that they did some filming while he was there. Well, Monday's episode (July 19th) will contain that filming! Nate & I had a hunch it might be then while watching the season premiere last week because the previews mentioned "the Heartland". A quick check of the No Reservations website, and indeed, the Heartland includes Wisco.

Here's where he goes:
Strauss Veal
Sprecher Beer
Solly's Grille
The Spice House - awesome!
Larry's Deer Market

Tune in Monday night!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The next Cake Boss?

This month, I have traded prenatal yoga class in for cake decorating classes on Wednesday nights. I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class and when my friend Holly sent an email that Michael's was offering them 50% off, we jumped at the chance. The class is the Wilton Cake Decorating Basics.

The class is way more intense than I thought it would be. For some reason I didn't think I would have to bake for it. I know that sounds so dumb...I'm not sure where I thought the cakes that we would be decorating would be coming from!

Our first class was last night and we started with cookies. We were suppossed to bring 6 sugar cookies to decorate. I felt like a bit of a lame-o because I didn't even bake my cookies - I bought at dozen at Pick N Save for $3! I felt better when I saw others in the class did the same thing.

Last night's lesson included tips on baking a cake, icing a cake, making different consistencies of icing, and making stars. It actually was really great - I learned a lot of stuff that even if I don't end up being an ace of cakes, my cakes will probably turn out nicer. We had to practice on a practice board with the star tip. I had a whole practice board done when I realized I was doing it with my left hand (I am right handed). Maybe I'll turn out to be an ambidexterous cake decorator?!

Next week we have to bake and ice a cake to bring to class where we will be doing gel transfers. I think I might go ballsy and attempt a double layer filled cake (what we learned last night). Then again, I might be tempted to buy one at Pick N Save again, ha ha ha.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today marks the third anniversary of us being homeowners! To celebrate, I'm presenting you with our bathroom remodel to-do list. The bathroom remodel will make it official - after that we will have done something to every single room of this house since moving in three years ago.

We finished up the shopping list for the bathroom over the weekend. Saturday was tile day - we had to buy all the tile and supplies for the shower and floor and add them to our supply room (i.e. library piano room). We got word from our handyman, J, that he will start the project on July 19th. He anticipates it taking one week. I am anticipating it taking him 3 weeks to be on the safe side.

So, there isn't going to be a lot of DIY to this project. That's what you get when you are 7 weeks and 6 days away from your due date, you're large and in charge, hot, tired, hot, crabby and did I mention HOT? And not in the sense of "Hey she's pretty hot looking." More along the lines of "I am so hot that I am eternally sweating like a pig."

Here's the bathroom to-do list:

1. Replace window with glass-blocked window. One of the things that makes our second story bathroom unusable is the fact that it has a regular window, complete with wood trim, in the shower. (See Photo). We ordered a glass block window, which is what our downstairs bathroom has, to replace this window. Nate actually will be helping J install this on Day 1.

2. Rip out drywall in shower area. Yes, that is the other reason our current shower is unusable - it is drywalled. J will be ripping out the drywall and replacing it with durarock and tiling over that.

3. Tiling shower. We have chosen basic white glossy 6 x 6 tiles for the shower and smaller 1 x 1 green glass tiles as an accent that will be running through the top as a stripe.

4. Installing an electric box. Currently, the only outlet that exists in this bathroom is on the light fixture. So I plug my hair dryer into the light and turn the light on to get it to run. We will be putting one in a more normal location.

5. Replace light fixture.

6. Replace sink, fixtures, and install vanity and countertop. Our current situation is a basic sink - no vanity (See Photo).

7. Install wainscotting around bathroom walls.

8. Install 1/8" plywood subfloor over existing floor.

9. Tile floor. We have selected a white tile for the floor. It's like the non-black portion of this picture:

10. Replace mirror/medicine cabinet.

11. Paint existing wood trim white.

12. Paint remaining walls a similar green color to the glass tile in the shower.

13. Replace fixtures and mixer in the shower.

I think that might be it. We are keeping our existing tub since it is a quality ceramic tub and our existing toilet. The layout of the bathroom is not changing either. Once upon a time we had thought about expanding the size of this bathroom, but we ran into multiple issues with that idea and have nixed it.

It will be nice to have a more functional bathroom on the upper level. That is where both our room and the baby room is. Currently the bathroom is used for multiple trips to the bathroom during the night (by me) and I finish getting ready in this bathroom after showering downstairs while Nate showers downstairs. Two usable showers will definitely be an Upgrade!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Schlotty's Room: Update

We started off the weekend with a bunch of home improvements. The ceiling fan in the baby's room worked fine but we have been looking for an upgrade for a while. We did not like the light fixture portion of the fan, and it hung down kind of low from the ceiling. This was in the category of "if we find a good price on one and we have time, we'll do it". Well, since the room has basically been done for 18 weeks now, we had some time :).

We had looked at Lowe's and HOBO with no luck. Friday night we journeyed to Menard's with no luck. However, at Home Depot, we found a winner. And it was in the NLP category - "NEW LOWER PRICE". Music to our ears. We bought it and started the install.
Nate was excited that the project "required" the use of this weirdo attachment to his screwdriver:

The install went well - this wasn't our first ceiling fan. And better yet, when we were done, both the fan and the light worked! ha ha ha

We also framed two prints that we got (for free) on the Disney Cruise we went on at the beginning of the year. The frames were a STEAL at Jo-Ann Fabrics - 70% off of the reg price of 19.99. So for $12, we got two cute prints for the room.

So that was our Friday night, followed by Rummy, Scrabble, Lady Gaga on VH1, popcorn and The Soup. Not a bad way to kick off the holiday weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July!

Have a great holiday weekend! We are ordering bathroom tile (bathroom renovation starts July 19th!!), spending some time at the lake and embarking on our first childbirth class Monday night. Fun times!

Photo Source: From A Life's Design. Someday I WILL have a cedar-shingled house...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summerfest 2010

Ahh Summerfest. I used to LOVE summerfest. In high school and college we would plan out what days we would go by who was playing at the Marcus. Then there were a few post-college crazy Rusted Root shows.

My eh feeling about summerfest started last year. Nate & I went one night and it was so hot and so crowded. We wanted to stay for a 10 PM show - I think it was Guster - and we made it until 9:15. We were home on the couch watching 2 1/2 men at 9:30. I didn't even have pregnancy to blame then!

This year, we weren't planning on going but then Nate won tickets this week at a golf outing so we headed downtown last night to get in some Summerfest action. Thankfully it was cool and not crowded. We enjoyed a variety of food - the white cheddar cheese curds at Saz's, a gyro and kabob, a veggie thai roll and some fried eggplant with marinara sauce. We took advantage of the happy hour special and got $1 off WATER (oh how things have changed). We tried winning free cookies at the Frontier Airlines booth and instead got a gift card for money off a flight. We watched some crazy basketball stunts and danced with the hippies at Dark Star Orchestra before heading home. I was in bed by 9:30 proving once again, for the second year in a row, that we might be too old for Summerfest, ha ha ha.