Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pretending to live at the Biltmore Estate

One of the stops we had on our roadtrip was to tour the Biltmore.

LORDY did we both love it. My favorite part was watching the videos of the restoration of the four upper bedrooms - and seeing how they recreated fabric from miniscule pieces they found while taking wallpaper off or reupholstering furniture. One rooms beautiful red velvet damask fabric wallpaper took 2-3 years to handweave in France. Here are some pics of us pretending that we were George and Edith Vanderbuilt. OF course that would mean we would have to name Baby S either "Cornelia" (their real daughter) or "Cornelius" (George's grandfather for whome which Cornelia was named). I actually jokingly mentioned this to Nate while we were touring and one lady looked at me in shock and said, "No you are not". GEEZ! I kid, I kid! She turned out to be a pretty funny lady and took our picture out on the veranda. She and her friends also turned up at the same place we ate lunch.

Back to our own home remodeling, we won't be getting any fabric wallpaper from France, but last night we did get a sink, countertop and vanity for our bathroom. We came home from vacation and realized that we have 11 weeks and 6 days before our due date - less than 12 weeks to get the bathroom remodel done. So we continued shopping for vanities. We had one that we liked at Lowe's, but decided to check out HOBO in West Allis. HOBO is a hit or miss kind of place. Last night, it was a BIG hit - we got a granite countertop and backsplash, a porcelain sink and vanity for $126 total - $100 cheaper than the one we were looking at Lowe's and, in my opinion, nicer. LOVE IT! The vanity cabinet itself is similar in size and style to this one:

We were limited to the 25" styles with the space we are working with.

The sink/countertop is more like this though:

The granite is a lighter tan color with a white undermount porcelain sink.

Next on our list: tile shopping for the floor and shower.

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BrookeK said...

awesome! what a steal....will have to check that place out when we remodel our bath!