Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Summer & Happy Father's Day Part 2

This past weekend was another whirlwind. Has it really been a week since I last posted on here?

Friday night the hubs and I cooked dinner, took a walk and watched It's Complicated. I love Alec Baldwin. I really wanted Meryl Streep's house in this movie.

Saturday morning started early for me - pregnancy induced insomnia is still my top complaint about pregnancy. So it was up at 4 AM to do some sewing - which means I'll have some projects to post about this week. Stay tuned! I got a (short) run in and then Nate & I went to the lake to get some swimming in since it was so hot. BLK joined us for a quick dip before it was off to Girls Night for us. Mexican food, followed by Get Him to the Greek, custard and reminiscing over old photo albums made for a fun filled night.

Yesterday we spent some time at the lake playing cards and thinking of baby names with the Schlottys and then it was time to get ready for Father's Day Part 2 - my family was coming to our place for dinner. Nate was excited that my niece Toni has a new found interest in golf so he set up the golf net and gave her an assortment of day-glo balls. We stopped short of letting her take my purple putter home!

Future Rockstar Dad here:

And now back to Monday.

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