Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coveting Fashion...and Waists

I don't know if it's the fact that I no longer have a waist to speak of or if it is because of my addiction to Mad Men fashion, but I have been very drawn to high waisted or any waist-attention-drawing fashion lately. I'm in the middle of watching Revolutionary Road and found myself coveting Kate Winslet's clothes, much as I covet Joan and Betty's clothes on Mad Men. Perhaps I should have just grown up in the late 50s - early 60s. Sometimes I really wish that people still dressed up like that era. Nate already has to wear a suit everyday to work, which I love, but he hasn't exactly gone for my suggestion of wearing a hat a la Don Draper.

It seems that most players in our online baby pool so far think Baby Schlotty is a boy. Everyone knows that girl clothes are much more varied and bountiful than boy clothes, but I must admit that when i saw this on the withTWOcats blog today, I got pretty excited.
Oh yes - if Baby Schlotty is a boy, you can bet I am making father son matching ties and that I will have a dress to match, a la Mad Men, ha ha ha. I will be dragging my husband and son into my delusional fantasty world. (Don't even get me started if Baby S turns out to be a girl!)

Photo Sources: All Mad Men photos from Project Rungay, Revolutionary Road photo from here, and the Ties picture from Etsy via withTWOcats.


heather said...

I love Kate's clothes in Revolutionary Road...simple but gorgeous!!!

BrookeK said...

if anyone call pull off the mad men style today, you can!
love the matching ties! so cute!

Old MD Girl said...

The outfits from those shows are really awesome. I'm still glad that we don't have to do our hair like they did back then, though. It was really high maintenance!

slunz said...

I have thought the same thing re: in that era everyone dressed up. Unfortunately, my laziness always gets the better of me. For example, today I am wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops at work. Joan would be so disgusted!