Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Weekend

As is customary for summer weekends, they tend to be busy and fly by. This weekend was no exception.

Friday night Nate-O went to a Brewers game thus I had the night open. I went for a long, sticky walk and got a movie from the Blockbuster kiosk - The Lovely Bones. I remember liking this book. I'm not sure what I think of the movie. Stanley Tucci definitely freaked me out (I like him much better as Paul Child). While watching the movie, I soaked my feet and gave myself a pedicure. Holy toledo it's getting hard to bend over to get to my feet. I had to take mini breaks between toes so that I could breathe!

Saturday we got up early to go get emissions tests for the cars. Nate had to go into work for a bit so I spent some time with my in-laws while Nate worked before we both headed to FDL for Walleye Weekend. Traditionally, I would do the 5 mile Walleye Run, but since I can only make it about 5 minutes running lately, I did not sign up. I was happy to see my niece and brother for a bit of time before we went to the fest - my mom made us lunch. Gotta love that 4 year olds think anything you draw with sidewalk chalk is really cool.

The big draw at Walleye this year (other than the fishing tournament, the great people watching, and the cheese curds) was the free BoDeans concert. Remember that theme song from Party of Five? Well, apparently we knew more BoDeans songs than we thought - I was having a sing along for almost the whole show. We met up with my three best friends from high school and their sig others. I always love hanging out with my girls!

Yesterday we had planned to spend a bit of time at my in-laws lake house, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so we left my mom's house (after breakfast and algebra) and went home instead. We stopped by Lowe's to peruse faucets and ended up getting a faucet, mirror/medicine cabinet and showerhead and shower faucet for our bathroom remodel! (Thanks again for the coupon BCK!) Our office has turned into a bathroom supply house. Just having all the supplies has made me really excited to get this job done!

My MIL and FIL offered to take us to Kopp's after this dance recital they went to - YUM! Kopp's has the best turtle sundaes, this far south. (I would love to have a turtle sundae contest between Kopp's and FDL's Gilles).

After ice cream, it was lawn mowing, laundry, and the Next Food Network Star for us. Nate actually went to high school with one of the contestants, Aria, so we are cheering for her.

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heather said...

i was wondering where in WI that girl was from?