Friday, June 11, 2010


One of the things I was excited about this year was having birds. No not a pet bird - I've already tried that twice before.

1. When I was really little, I had a pet bird that I named Boy George. (LOVED me some Boy George). I don't know what happended to him - I was really little. In fact - maybe someone from my family should actually confirm that I DID have this bird and that I didn't just make that up or invent an imaginary bird friend.

2. When we were a bit older, we got a cockatiel from the Easter Bunny. This bird went a little deranged and started pulling his feathers out. We would also let him out of the cage and put him on the back of our cat for rides. YEAH. OK and we wonder why the bird went crazy. We have this great picture of my sister dressed up as the bird next to the bird cage....but again, I digress.

Back to birds and 2010. For Christmas, my grandparents gave us an oriole feeder that my Nana's bro-in-law made. My mom also made us this cute little feeder based on one she saw at a craft fair my sister and I took her to in Cedarburg. Well, I painted the one bird feeder to match our door, stuck some oranges on it and filled the little cups with jelly. NO ORIOLES. In fact, I just googled oriole to find out what one even looks like:

Maybe one of these days, we'll get some orioles. Any tips?

In other bird action, in the weeks before vacation, we noticed a male and female cardinal building a nest in our rosebush. And then the day before we left, I crept up to the bush and noticed there was a baby bird in there!!!!! Now that we are back from vacay, I looked in the nest last night and there is no more bird. I hope it learned to fly and is doing ok.

A few months ago, we had a male and female duck living in our yard occassionally. I had hoped they were going to build a nest and we would have baby ducks! Not so, chicky. I DID try to get up close to them to take a picture and ended up scaring them into our neighbor's yard. They probably decided our yard was too full of paparazzi to raise a family here.

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