Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Schlotty's Room...So Far

Nate and I have to laugh because we have been getting a lot of, "Have you started the nursery yet?" questions. Because we don't want people to think we are total psychos, we just answer a simple, "Yes".

But the real answer is that the nursery has been in the same stage (what I'm about to show you) since the end of April. Yeah, we were EXCITED. An early project that Nate took on in this room is to change all of the electrical outlets from ungrounded outlets that were in a dingy almond color and upgrade them to grounded shiny white ones. This is one of my favorite home remodeling projects because it is a) cheap; b)easy; c)quick to do; and d) makes a noticeable impact. It is nice having updated outlets in this room too.

One big reason that we started on the room so early is that we were LUCKY to get a bunch of furniture from some friends of Nate's family very early on. When word got out we were preggers, Nate got a call from them saying that they were ready to pass along their furniture set. Thus, the chair, ottoman, dresser, changing table and crib were ours for a very low cost. Understandably, they wanted the furniture out to make room for the new furniture so we loaded it up and brought it home...and scattered it throughout our rooms. Well, that only took about four days to drive us nuts so we made the big transition. The guest room moved from upstairs to the office, the office bed moved to the basement and the baby furniture moved to the new "nursery". We already had a light-colored nightstand and a bookshelf that matched from Nate's college days. Furniture = Dunzo.

We have already revealed the reupholstery of the chair, the curtains and the paint. The whole room was sort of designed around these Martha Stewart animal alphabet cards that I bought in a clearance bin at Michael's well before I was pregnant. I couldn't resist them - I loved the old-school drawings and the animals and the fact that they weren't blue or pink.

The majority of the colors present are a variety of greens, browns and orange with a bit of red. Thus the color scheme.

We brought the lighter green in on the bright green chair and ottoman as well as the darker green with the ribbon that the cards hang from. The ribbon stringing was Nate's idea, and I love it. Each card is attached to the ribbon with a mini clothesline clip.

Originally, we had the crib on the same wall (where the changing table is above) as the cards but my MIL brought up an excellent point - the baby will definitely pull those cards off the wall. So we moved the crib to the opposite corner.

The crib sheet we found in a Target clearance bin - it worked great with the greens and browns and lord knows I love polka dots. Of course once we set up the crib, we had to put the sheet on right away. Then when we were at Goodwill, we found the coordinating crib skirt! Goodwills here get the leftover Target clearance items to sell so it was still brand new in the packaging (with the orange Target sticker on it!).

Then there was the rug, which we also got for a steal. I was noticing that a lot of nurseries featured online had those tree wall decals. Because of our cape cod dormers, our wall space that we have to work with is a little strange so there would be no tree decal. So we brought the tree concept in with the rug:

Ha! I'd like to think we PURPOSELY set out to find this rug, but we didn't. We totally stumbled upon it while looking through rugs at Lowe's one day. It was on super clearance and was the last 8 x 10' rug left. SOLD. It fits in the space perfectly and will be a nice space for the baby to play on. We also like the fact that it doesn't scream "baby" and that it could easily move to other rooms in our house if we want. And when the kid colors all over it with marker or the inevitable poop, barf or something gross lands on it and ruins it, we won't be too sad because of the price.

Notice the artwork above the bookshelf? That used to hang in our library room. My friend, JT, is a children's book illustrator and she gave us that print as a housewarming gift three years ago. I love that the orange and brown in the print work with the room. And did you happen to notice the little elephant on the bookshelf?

This little guy was a splurge when I popped into Juxt Home and Baby one day after work. He is filled with rice or beans or something and is a bookend! Love me some elephants.

Hmmmm...what else? The lamps on the nightstand by the chair and the changing table were already in existence in our house, both in the guestroom. The little wacky green frame was a souvenier from BK from her trip to London in college. (Yes, I STILL have it!). The plant pot was a souvenier from Animal Kingdom at Disney which I bought on my first trip to Disney world in 2003 with Nate, his grandparents and his brother, shortly after Nate & I started dating. The little red box on the changing table is a DIY project I will share soon. It holds cloth diapers. Oh and the little vibrating bouncy seat was a hand-me-down from one of Nate's coworkers. I LOVE me some hand-me-downs!

So that's the nursery so far. We still have some other projects, mainly to fill in some of the noticeable blank wall space:
1. My in-laws are part of the Disney Vacation Club so when we all went on the cruise in January, we got these cool vintage looking travel-type posters for free. We would like to get both of ours framed to hang somewhere in the room since the cruise was technically Baby Schlotty's first vacation.

2. I have plans to make/sew this cute mobile for above the crib with the extra curtain and chair fabric as well as some other coordinating fabric.

3. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I asked my mom and sister if they would help me make an advanced baby quilt. We have plans to do it after my sister returns from Peru (where she is on the lookout for some cool fabric).

4. I also have plans to do this family tree thing with old photos, provided I can round up the photos I need.

5. We haven't decided if we are going to do something with the ceiling fan. It is a pretty big eyesore, but it is nice having the fan in there. The fan part is not the problem - it's the ugly light fixture. I think if we find a replacement for a good price, we'll go for it. Otherwise, it's staying.


BrookeK said...

love it! It's just perfect... I cannot believe you still have that frame! lol!

Missy said...

LOVE it...looks GREAT. I'm a huge fan of the rug, crib sheet and MS cards.