Tuesday, June 29, 2010

31 Weeks Down

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. 9 more weeks to go! Weird to be in the single digits of the weeks countdown! I don't really talk much about being pregnant on here, so I thought I'd give an update combined with a pregnancy-related craft.

I actually made this skirt a while ago, before our vacation. I really wanted a denim maternity skirt but was unwilling to pay the $70 for the Ann Taylor Loft version. Inspired by this tutorial on homemade by jill, I decided to try making my own. Whereas jill started with a pair of jeans, I actually started with a regular denim skirt that I got at a consignment sale with my mom. At the time of the consignment sale, I could actually wear this skirt, although it was a couple of sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size. It quickly would no longer button or zip and the refashion was needed.

I bought some navy knit fabric from Jo-Ann fabrics. I would say that you need less than 1/4 yard, depending on how big you want the maternity pouch to be. I also bought a package of 1" elastic.

First, I cut off the waistband and zipper following the line of a pair of maternity shorts that I had, which would dip down in a "U" in the front and be straight across in the back. Then I wrapped the knit fabric around myself as a way to measure how much I would need. Originally, I wanted to have a full belly panel - which means the knit fabric would cover my entire belly, however, I quickly decided that that was not going to be a good option in summer - too hot! I changed it to a short strip that basically holds the skirt up under my belly.

I pinned the knit fabric along the cut edge of the skirt and then doubled the knit fabric back onto itself and matched up the other seam with the one I just pinned. I sewed the raw seam nearly all the way around. This created a little pouch for the elastic. I threaded the elastic through using a giant safety pins, sewed both ends of the elastic together and then sewed the knit fabric closed. Voila - maternity skirt in seriously 5 minutes. In hindsight, I should have taken pictures of this whole process but hopefully you get my drift.

Here is the finished product:

And On - These pics were taken of me last week on 6/23/10 (30 weeks, 1 day):

So how much did this project cost me? The skirt, from Boden, was $4 at the consignment sale. Elastic is about $1 per package if you use a 50% off coupon that Jo-Ann Fabrics throws at you and the knit fabric was about $2-3, again using a coupon. So for roughly $7-8 and 5 minutes of time, you too can have a maternity jean skirt should you find yourself preggers :)

You might be thinking that the belly is hard to see in the above photos - and you are right - that is why Black is a ladies best friend, ha ha ha. Here are some belly shots taken of me two days before (29 weeks, 6 days) that:
To the front:

To the Side:

The third trimester has been my favorite one so far, although I will say that I sometimes feel like my belly grows overnight. I am still not sleeping well, although recently have become MORE tired - lots of disjointed sleep in the Schlotty household, which I suppose is preparing me well for life with an actual baby, something I still cannot fathom at times. I am getting more and more curious about the gender of the baby and what he/she will look like. We STILL have not finalized names, but I have a feeling that we'll "know" when we see him/her. Otherwise, it might be a long life of "Baby Schlotty" ha ha ha.

I am still attempting to run, although it is getting more challenging by the fact that I have to pee after about 10-15 minutes. Last night was my most recent run and I made it 12 minutes before having to come back into the house to pee and head back out. Generally I would say that I'm more run/walking. I try to run as long as I feel comfortable and then walk for a period and maybe return to running if I"m not too hot (which is rare, lately). This has forced me to stick to loops around the neighborhood where I can run by my house every so often in the event I need a bathroom break. I also will take a bottle of water with me on my 2nd trip out to make sure I don't overheat. I try to get in a lunch time walk most days at work for about 35 minutes, have re-attempted swimming and have increasingly turned to yoga more and more - both through a prenatal yoga class and a DVD. I hope to do more kayaking at the lake this summer since wakeboarding and waterskiing are out of the picture for me.

So that's the pregnancy update!


chacha said...

I love how you re-purposed the skirt - it looks great. Thanks for the belly shot - I was beginning to wonder where that baby was but now I see that you do have a belly :o) I think b/c you're tall it sort of distributes well. I have a feeling if/when I have one I'm going to look like a house since I'm only 5 feet tall.

Old MD Girl said...

You still don't really have a belly -- you are so small! You give me hope! ;-)

I do love what you did with the skirt. What has your solution been for tops? You seem to have avoided the tunic effect, and I am very impressed.

Kristina said...

You look amazing!

Missy said...

You look great! All glowy and healthy, and that is one of the tightest pregnant bellies I've ever seen! I'm impressed you've been able to keep up with the running this long. :)